Ryan Bizzarro

Ryan Bizzarro PA Treasurer

I will be a State Treasurer who fights for you. I grew-up in a large family of fighters. Outside the ring they fight for each other, just like Pennsylvanian families do every day. I grew up in a large family of fighters. Inside the ring, they fought with their fists. Outside of it, for themselves and each other. When I was a child diagnosed with Leukemia, the doctor told my parents “We can only keep him comfortable until he dies.” But my parents fought for me, and won. After two years of experimental treatments as a child in a Buffalo hospital, I am now cancer free. I serve as Pennsylvania's Democratic Policy Chair and State Representative from Erie. Formerly, I served as a victim/witness advocate for Erie County's District Attorney. My public service is dedicated to putting people first -- and fighting back against extreme agendas.

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P.O. Box 8570,Erie,PA,16505
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