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Marian Moskowitz

Marian Moskowitz has dedicated her career to growing and strengthening Chester County. After four decades as a responsible local developer, she ran for Commissioner in 2019 because she believes that everyone deserves to live in a safe and...

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Josh Maxwell

Commissioner Josh Maxwell leads with progressive values to advocate for working families, promote equality, and preserve the environment. As commissioner, his priorities have included the county's first-ever employee group on Equity, Diversity, and...

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Debbie Bookman

Debbie Bookman was sworn in on January 2020 as Prothonotary. Since taking office Debbie has extended passport services to evening hours. Debbie has placed staff in roles that best suit their strength and interest, expanded bilingual services and...

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Deb Ryan

Elected in 2019. Deb Ryan is the first woman and first Democrat elected as District Attorney in Chester County. As DA, she Implemented the Chester County Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative, Created the Chester County Law Enforcement Task Force on...

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Fredda Maddox

The Office of the Sheriff is mandated by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Sheriff is an independent elected official with law enforcement responsibilities as well as civil and criminal court duties.

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Michele Vaughn

The Register of Wills probates wills and appoints estate representatives for decedents who die with or without a will. Regardless of where the death occurred, the decedent MUST have been a legal resident of Chester County at the time of death. The...

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Patricia Maisano

The Treasurer is the custodian of all county funds. Payments of county taxes and fees, state and federal grants, and other monies due the county are received and deposited by this office.

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Yolanda van de Krol

The Clerk of Courts manages all paperwork for all criminal cases in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.  This office handles approximately 5,000 – 6,000 criminal cases each year.

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Margaret Reif

The County Code requires the Controller to maintain custody and stewardship of all County contracts.  All such documents are recorded to insure that the physical documents are received after they are approved by the Board of Commissioners.  The...

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Sophia Garcia-Jackson

The Chester County Coroner's Office is an independent agency serving the citizens and honoring the deceased of the county by investigating the facts and circumstances concerning jurisdictional deaths which have occurred within Chester County.

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Office Hours:
Mon – Thur 10AM-3PM

37 South High St.
    West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 692-5811

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