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The Meehan Report for 1/28-2/4/18

Download the latest here: Meehan 4 Feb 2018

As the report notes, so far Meehan has resisted the pressure on him to resign now.

The public might hardly notice, since he has not held an in-person town hall in the past year. However, demonstrations at his Springfield office have been plentiful (see photos of a recent event there here).

What everyone will notice is the new boundaries of the 7th district, assuming new boundaries are really drawn this year. If Delco is entirely included in the 7th, the upcoming election will be an outstanding exercise in community engagement within a “compact” district, just as the PA constitution envisions. For a proposed map of the new districts, see here.

The author of the Meehan newsletter plans to add coverage of the Republican contenders until the primary, and of the R candidate after that. So this great resource will continue.

For prior reports, see here.

The latest on Meehan, Jan. 21-28

From the inexhaustible compiler of info on the soon-to-retire PA-07 office-holder. Note that he still needs to answer to his constituents for his votes and actions (e.g., for opposing immediate redistricting of his R-gerrymandered district).

Download the Jan. 21-28 installment here: Meehan 28 Jan 2018

For earlier installments and background, see here.

Meehan is out after this year

The momentum has been building: a record out of tune with his district (which went for Clinton in 2016), his inappropriate (to say the least) relation with a former aide, his use of taxpayer funds to achieve her silence, his misguided “soul mate” interview with the Inquirer, and ongoing rallies calling for him to listen to constituents and now to resign in the #MeToo era. So, he has bowed to the inevitable (or the first stage of the inevitable):

“Rep. Pat Meehan will not seek reelection after sexual harassment furor” by Jonathan Tamari, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/25/18 (see links there for more info and for Meehan’s embarrassing letter to the former aide).

For photos of what some constituents had to say at his office earlier this week plus more info, see here.

Let’s not forget, he will be in office, barring further developments, for the rest of 2018. So constituents need to keep tracking his actions and, even though he won’t face them again, let him know what they think.

For the latest installment (including much background on the harassment charges) of the exhaustive analysis by a persistent constituent who is a paragon of tracking legislators’ words and actions, download “Monitoring Congressman Patrick Meehan, 7th District of PA, Sunday 21 Jan 2018 Edition: KEY POINTS 1/14 – 1/21” here: Meehan 21 Jan 2018 first half and Meehan 21 Jan 2018 2nd half

Download the previous installment, for 1/2-14/18, here: Meehan 1-2-1-14-18 first half and Meehan 14 Jan 2018 2nd half

For the two earlier installments, see here and here.

What voters had to say today at his Springfield office:

photo by Anne Boyd

Rally at Rep. Meehan’s office & background

For background on Rep. Meehan’s (R-PA 07) current situation, see “Oh, Pat Meehan. No, no, no, no” by Chris Cillizza, CNN Politics, January 24, 2018, and “Meehan tells his side of harassment claim” by Alex Rose, Daily Local News, January 23, 2018.

Photos by Anne Boyd of 1/23/18 rally at Meehan’s Springfield office: