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NRA backs R judge candidates

Wouldn’t you think the National Rifle Association, after so many massacres in the Age of Trump, would have the good taste to keep a low profile in the 2017 elections? Nope, NRA has sent its members a postcard endorsing every single Republican candidate for statewide judiciary. Download it here: NRA 2017 endorsed j candidates.

The card purports to advance “Freedom First.” But we know that most voters, including many NRA members, place a high value on gun violence prevention and on the freedom of going to churches and concerts without fear of being shot.

The moral is clear: if you want a state judiciary that is not beholden to the NRA, and that will do its job of fairly scrutinizing gun-related legislation, vote for the Democrats.

FYI, here is the Chester County Democratic Committee’s position on guns:

The constitution gives Americans the right to own guns for self-defense, but
government has the duty to protect its citizens from those who are irresponsible
in their handling of firearms, who are mentally unfit to own guns, who would buy
weapons capable of mass killing, or who incite or carry out violence against

NRA and Chesco’s 3 R’s in the US House

Excerpts from “Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA?,” by Aaron Williams, Washington Post, updated Oct. 5, 2017. (Note that organizations, like corporations, have ways other than direct contributions to support office-holders, such as encouraging contributions by individuals, channeling money through trade associations and “issue groups” that preserve anonymity, etc. Naturally in areas like Chester County which favor gun violence prevention, recipients of NRA funding would prefer it be off the record.)

Who Is Lloyd Smucker (R-PA 16) representing?

The above is from “Thoughts and Prayers and N.R.A. Funding” by By DAVID LEONHARDT, IAN PRASAD PHILBRICK and STUART A. THOMPSON, New York Times, OCT. 4, 2017. Smucker is 7th on NRA’s recipient list in the US House, based on career totals. This is all the more impressive after serving 8 years in the PA legislature and now in only his first year in the US House.

Toomey’s latest flip-flop

email from Katie McGinty, 9/24/15

Pat Toomey is once again putting extreme partisan politics ahead of Pennsylvania families. This time, he walked away from his support for expanded background checks for firearm purchases.

Why? So he could avoid having a protest at a campaign event. That’s right – Toomey has backed away from commonsense gun safety measures to protect his re-election campaign.

That’s not the leadership Pennsylvania deserves. Add your name today and tell Pat Toomey to put safety first and support expanded background checks for firearm sales.

Every day in America, an average of 89 people die as a result of gun violence. In 2012 alone, there were 1,453 gun deaths in Pennsylvania. Continue reading