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Molly on the Issues: Education

from Molly Sheehan, Dec 23, 2017 [n.b. see CCDC’s position on education in the 5-page download here.

The foundation of our society lies in the education of our future generations. Our children deserve access to quality education at an early age. Currently, our educational system sets students up for failure rather than success. Overcrowded schools, expensive childcare and a lack of affordable higher education are leaving American families without a quality education.
Communities and teachers need to be given back control over their classrooms in order to do the jobs they’ve trained to do with the kids only they know.

We do need a varied approach. Charter schools provide an excellent opportunity to incubate new ideas and curricula, but they are only beneficial when our primary public schools are then equipped to implement the techniques and practices learned in the charters. We need to make the funding equitable so that Charter’s are not siphoning funding from local public schools. Charters are only viable alternatives when the main school provides a good education. Children’s potential should never be decided by a lottery.

I will also work to ensure that future generations view education as a lifelong pursuit with priorities placed on the immense equalizing value a strong early education provides. We should also ensure that higher education be affordable for all, and educational policy should not end at the age of 21. We need to expand our education system to include re-education for hard working Americans whose job sectors are being threatened by changing trends or technology. I want to work in Congress to help integrate these people into the new economy so that they never have to leave the workforce.

Read more about my stance on education as well as other issues I will make priority as the Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

[n.b. at this point in the election cycle we post occasional items by or about any Dem candidate that discuss important issues; such reposting does not imply endorsement or favoritism, and we will do similarly for any candidate for whom we get suitable thoughts on issues of interest in Chester County.]

Molly on the Issues: Climate Change

email from Molly Sheehan, 12/7/17

It is time for a practical approach in Congress. A system where a problem is addressed based on the best possible solution for the people, and not for political gain. After earning my PhD in biochemistry and biophysics I’m eager to apply my scientific skill-set to work for the people in Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district.

So many of the issues facing our country are improved upon when scientific reasoning is applied.

Research is available on all of the topics our decision makers in congress debate. However researched positions and pragmatic solutions are often overlooked in favor of funding and political gain. I would like to upset that system. I’m running to overcome the practice of being in debt to the special interests that help win elections. I’m running in order to save our environment, because science says it needs saving. I’m running because Congress needs someone who knows how to protect our fields, streams, and backyards from pollutants and toxic industry practices. We need an advocate for our children and for preventative long term solutions that look beyond the next election cycle.

Climate change presents serious threats to both public health and national security and there is still time to drastically improve our future outcomes. I believe investment in green energy research is the key to removing our dependence on oil from unstable regions which in turn slows climate change. As our environment shifts and becomes unpredictable, resources will become scarce in certain regions, leading to wars and increased global instability and health disasters. Crafting policies that will prevent such instability is paramount for preventing the future loss of both American citizens here at home and our soldiers stationed abroad.

Read more about my stance on climate change as well as other issues I will prioritize as the Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

An Open Letter to Rep. Pat Meehan on the GOP Tax Plan

from Molly Sheehan (Scientist. Mother. Proud Progressive. Democratic candidate for PA-7 US Congress. mollysheehan.org)
Nov 30

Dear Rep. Patrick Meehan,

I want to voice to you great concerns regarding the current tax packages in Congress. The legislation you have written and the Senate is about to pass will result in some of the most egregious and detrimental tax changes that have ever been inflicted upon the American public. Your actions will be economically disastrous for tens of millions of American workers and their families and represent a massive transferral of wealth to a small segment of our population. You have made it clear from your actions on the Ways and Means committee that you are determined, no matter the costs, on representing these minority interests at the expense of the economic livelihood of the majority of your constituents. You and the donor class that you represent are clearly engaging in outright class warfare.

You continue to wage this war through a campaign of dishonesty and obfuscation. You, your committee, the Republican majorities in Congress and the President all continue to spew economic lies and fallacies with no historical grounding. It is clear this plan will have dire ramifications to the economic viability of real people here in Pennsylvania. I know this because I have been out among the voters of the 7th district, speaking to them about their concerns and since you will not venture out to assess their discontent let me tell you: they are scared and they are angry! You would certainly know this if you actually met regularly with the people, on the streets or in public meetings and townhalls.

Your tax plan is antithetical to everything we hold to be American. It rewards passive gluttonous hoarding of wealth while increasing taxes on hard-earned wages and work. When a child works hard to get a scholarship, you will tax their parents on it. When they work to pay off their loans, they will not be able to deduct the interest. When they get into graduate school and work for a teaching job to cover their tuition, you will tax them on it. Your elimination of subsidies to ACA recipients coupled with the removal of the medical expense deduction will be devastating for seniors and a majority of Americans. People who have worked their whole lives and planned a responsible retirement in ACTS communities may no longer be able to afford their homes. Heck, your plan even disallows teachers in underfunded schools from deducting $250 for purchasing school supplies.

You are playing tricks on families, where they may see a modest tax decrease this year, but that will be followed by subsequent larger increases while corporations keep their breaks. It is all an elaborate smoke and mirrors trick to steal both your constituents’ hard-earned money and midterm election votes before the most vulnerable you represent are hit with the full consequences of your actions.

Yet, if you are extremely wealthy with passive income or if you are a large corporation, this plan makes it easier for you to keep your non-earned money. Your plan coddles the children of multi-millionaires by doubling the qualifying estate to $11 million. It also allows these millionaires to use loopholes new and old to avoid paying an appropriate level of taxes on income accrued passively. And for corporations you slash corporate taxes without instituting any reforms that would force business to “trickle down” such windfall to their employees. Rather, shareholders will see huge gains and those without large stock portfolios that show up for work everyday will be stuck with increasing taxes.

This plan rewards laziness and is born out of your own. You and your party could not even be bothered to pay for the money you are stealing today. Rather, your plan is to skyrocket the national debt, forcing our children to pay for your and your donors’ luxury lifestyles.

My message to you today concludes with a suggestion and a warning. I suggest that you stop leading us down a path to recession and increased wealth disparity, and use your position on the Ways and Means Committee to dramatically re-write this tax plan in a manner that protects the vital economic interests of the majority of the hard working people in the 7th Congressional District. Or more simply, oppose the plans outright! My warning is a reminder that these same people who are scared and angry have recently mobilized by the thousands to elect Democrats all throughout your District. If you fail to represent these people, there is no gerrymander that will be able to protect you, you will no longer be afforded the privilege of representing the 7th!


Molly Sheehan

Molly on the Issues: Healthcare

email from Molly Sheehan, candidate for US House PA-07, 12/4/17 (see CCDC’s position on health care here)

Healthcare is the major issue today and while the Republicans may have recently postponed their assault on all we have gained through the ACA, we as Democrats must face up to the fact that unless we boldly improve upon the ACA, then there will always be Republican attacks on the ACA. By prohibiting denial of coverage based upon pre-existing conditions, or lifetime caps, and securing coverage for children up to 26 years of age and mandating essential care, the ACA has guaranteed health care coverage for millions of Americans.

We must successfully move forward to a Single-Payer system that provides excellent health care, that reduces the costs of care and within a model that is financially sound!

However, as long as the provision of essential care continues to be financed by the private, for-profit health insurance industry, through a largely employer-based system, we will never be able to contain costs or guarantee universal coverage. I firmly believe that a Single-Payer healthcare system is the only answer to provide the most affordable and universal care for American citizens.

In order to make this transition we will need legislators who understand the complexity of our healthcare system. Adopting any system will need to be done thoughtfully. I’ve worked in multiple areas of our healthcare system, including purchasing group health insurance for a diverse group of tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians. I’ve been doing constituent services on healthcare for years and bringing concerns back to non-profit buyers, insurance companies, and health systems to negotiate the best plans for our constituent needs. If the switch is flipped recklessly, a new system will be under the control of the same misogynists who believe that being pregnant is a pre-existing condition. Government insurance would require political firewalls and avoiding budgetary austerity that can cripple healthcare innovation and breakthroughs in treatments, quality of care or, the entire system itself. We must successfully move forward to a Single-Payer system that provides excellent health care, that reduces the costs of care and within a model that is financially sound! If we deliver this system to Americans, that will build a constituency that will remain loyal to the Democratic party and our American health system forever!

Read more about my stance on healthcare as well as other issues I will make priority as the Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.