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CCDC urges state and federal lawmakers to enact stronger protections against gun violence

[reposted 5/19/18: still waiting for legislators to act]

At its February 28, 2018, meeting, the CCDC Executive Committee enacted a resolution urging lawmakers to rise to the challenge of the gun violence epidemic in our country.

The measures requested include:

Preventing known and suspected terrorists, those convicted of violent hate crimes, and those with a history of domestic abuse from illegally buying guns.

Ensuring that background checks are required on all sales, including online and at gun shows.

Preserving the provisions of the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS), which provides instant access to background records.

Requiring trigger locks on all firearms in houses where children are present.

Banning access to assault-style weapons.

Reducing the number of permissible cartridges in a clip or magazine.

View or download the full document including the underlying “whereases,” here: Gun Resolution CCDC 2-28-18

Statement from Admiral Joe Sestak on the Administration’s Executive Actions to Prevent Gun Violence

Joe Sestak for US Senate, January 4th, 2016

Media, Pa. – “As a former Admiral who served 31 years in the U.S. Navy, including as the first director of the Navy’s anti-terrorism unit, I understand the importance of gun safety better than many. I support the executive actions the Administration has announced to help stem gun violence through commonsense gun safety efforts, and they reflect responsible measures I fought for while in Congress.

I call upon Sen. Toomey to support these commonsense steps to prevent gun violence. It is a shame but not a surprise that it is took a mass shooting at an elementary school for Senator Toomey to back any gun safety measure after having campaigned on the statement that his ‘idea of gun control is steady aim.’ Unlike Toomey, who deserted his sole gun safety effort after one lost battle and had to be dragged back after the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook, I will be a persistent warrior in the Senate for gun violence prevention.”

For more information, contact:

David Waterman

Don’t let them bully Pennsylvania

By email from Rick Gray, Democratic mayor of Lancaster since January 2006, 9/9/14:

A dangerous law is being considered in Pennsylvania that would stop mayors and police chiefs from taking steps to prevent gun violence in our own communities. And it’s got a hidden cost that makes it even worse.

House Bill 2011 would give the NRA the power to actually sue local cities and boroughs if they don’t like our gun violence prevention laws. On top of that, Pennsylvania taxpayers would have to cover the gun lobby’s legal fees. It’s a cynical attempt to change public policy at our expense.

As the Mayor of Lancaster, I can tell you that mayors and police chiefs know what’s best when it comes to keeping our own communities safe. That’s why I’m asking you to send a message to your state legislators right now, urging them to vote NO on House Bill 2011.

We can’t let the gun lobby use this bill to overpower local governments. It sets an incredibly dangerous precedent and would allow special interest groups to have a say in laws that affect the safety of all Pennsylvanians. It’s despicable that they’d try to spend Pennsylvanians’ tax dollars on ridiculous lawsuits — and we have to let state legislators know that it’s unacceptable.

Let’s tell our representatives that this bill is bad for our safety — and for our wallets.

Send your message now.

Thanks for speaking up,

Rick Gray
Mayor, Lancaster PA

Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans fighting for common-sense gun policies. We are moms, mayors, survivors, and concerned citizens.