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Howard A. Jones, Candidate for Coroner

from Smart Voter
My Qualifications for Coroner of Chester County
By Howard A. Jones
Candidate for Coroner; County of Chester

This information is provided by the candidate

How my education and experience benefits me for the office of Coroner and the benefits I can contribute to the citizens of Chester County through the office.

I am a 71 year old retired dentist. Graduating from the University of Pennsylvanai School of Dental Medicine. After a residency in Delaware and work experiences, I opened my office in East Goshen Township in January, 1970, retiring from that practice in 2004.

During my years of practice, the office grew large enough to support various dental specialists. Some of those with whom I was associated became educators and administrators with national prominence in their fields. I mention this because it afforded me the opportunity to hone administrative skills in a group of high powered and successful individuals. The coroner is, in essence, an Administrator. His mission is to assure that the highly qualified professionals in the Coroner’s Office are enabled to function at the highest levels while the Administrator monitors financial parameters and efficiency.

Now that I am retired, I will be able to contribute as much time as required to the Office of Coroner. Living close to the office, I have no demands on my time that could delay the performance of critical duties.

My brief tenure in government and my own inquiring nature will lead me to evaluate cooperation with other County agencies, especially in areas such as law enforcement and emergency preparedness. It is also important that the bereaved not have another hurdle in their search for closure.

I want, also, to be a voice for senior citizens. In my own community, the abilities so many residents bring to our experience are astounding. I would like to be a example of what seniors can contribute to the entire population of Chester County and encourage all ages to be come more involved in their communities.

I invite you to email me with any questions or comments you might have.