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What an election this was!!

Historic: Democratic turnout increased 43% county-wide over the 2015 election.

All our countywide candidates won (and got almost as many votes as the corresponding Republican candidates):

Patricia Maisano – Treasurer
Margaret Reif – Controller
Christina VandePol – Coroner
Maria Crossan – Clerk of Courts

Our endorsed judicial candidates who won statewide were:

For PA Supreme Court
Dwayne Woodruff

For Superior Court
Carolyn H Nichols
Geoff Moulton
Maria McLaughlin
Debbie Kunselman

For Commonwealth Court
Ellen Ceisler

Chester County had the fourth highest vote total for the state-wide judicial candidates, exceeded only by Philadelphia, Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Montgomery counties.

Thank you all for what you have accomplished so far this year.

Now the real work begins – to help our candidates win in November.

What we have done so far has been a warm-up. Our county turnout for the primary was 43% more than in 2015. Even so, this was an 18% turnout.

The approximate average vote totals for the county-wide candidates in 2015 was 34,000 (D) vs 49,000 (R). We need to increase our vote totals by 50% from 2015 to be confident of winning all our county-wide races.

50,000 votes for our Democratic candidates corresponds to a 38% turnout of Democratic voters.

Can we do that? That is our challenge. This is the best year in a long time to do it.

We can take a deep breath and then start again. We need to start planning now to get out our voters in November.

This is an exciting time to be a Democrat in Chester County.

Brian McGinnis, Chair
Chester County Democratic Committee

Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity

Marching On!

Fellow Chester County Democrats and supporters:

This month we are all ‘Marching On’ towards what promises to be an interesting first year and mid-term of the Trump administration.

But ‘All Politics is Local’ and 2017 is all about local Chester County elections, so I want to take this moment to note and thank our county-wide candidates and committee members for the work they have done with getting nominating signatures to be on the Primary Election ballot. Our goal was to have at least 1,000 but we submitted 1,800 signatures. I also want to mention that we have over 250 Democrats running for local offices this year, which is a record.

Many of you have become activists, and are calling out local Congressmen Costello, Meehan, and Smucker for their support of TrumpCare with its age tax, estimated higher premiums, and elimination of subsidies that will drop nearly a thousand Chester County residents from coverage. All this and yet it gives huge tax cuts to the very wealthy.

You are also weighing in on Trump’s proposed budget that will negatively impact valuable support services here but is a giveaway to the top 1%. Meals on Wheels alone served nearly 100,000 meals in the last fiscal year in Chester County to our most vulnerable seniors. And where is the infrastructure spending that is so desperately needed to repair our bridges and roads?

Finally, I want to remind you that Governor Tom Wolf will be attending our Spring Fundraiser April 2, 6-9 pm at Coatesville Country Club. Last call – tickets are limited. You can get all the details and register here. I look forward to seeing you there and hear the governor discuss the “Path Forward”.

Thank you,
Brian J. McGinnis
Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee


Dissecting the Democrats’ loss in Pennsylvania: ‘We failed in hearing people, hearing their voices’

by Maria Panaritis, philly.com, 11/18/16

Brian McGinnis believes Democrats in Pennsylvania should look no further than two counties – one of the state’s most affluent and one of its more beleaguered – to understand what went wrong and how to regroup from a devastating Election Day.

What happened in Luzerne and Chester Counties suggest Donald Trump’s Keystone State win over Hillary Clinton had as much to do with a flawed Democratic coalition as it did with Trump’s unique campaign.

Chester County, where McGinnis is the Democratic Party chairman, delivered big for Clinton, despite a Republican voter registration edge. With six campaign offices, Democrats galvanized Pennsylvnia’s most affluent and one of its most educated counties to swing for Clinton by a 24,606-vote margin – thousands more than President Obama in 2012.

But two-and-a-half hours north in economically battered Luzerne County, it made no difference that the Wilkes-Barre region’s coal-country Democrats had reliably delivered time and again for the formerly blue state. Luzerne flipped for Trump.

In their soul-searching, Democrats like McGinnis are asking if the chasm can be bridged or if all is lost.

“Taking the vote for granted was the biggest failure that we had,” said McGinnis. “We did a great job in Chester County – but throughout the state, I think that we failed in hearing people, hearing their voices.”…


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Brian McGinnis v. Jack London’s voting record

CCDC chair Brian McGinnis, quoted in Mike McGann, “Democrats play their Trump card and hard,” The Times of Chester County, 10/22/16 [London is running against PA Senator Andy Dinniman (D-9)]

“It is beyond astonishing that Jack London, the hand-picked candidate of the local GOP power players, has barely voted in his adult life,” McGinnis said in a statement. “As a registered voter, he chose to stay home 83% of the times that his fellow citizens went to the polls to choose our local, State or Federal leaders. This does not even include the 10 years he spent as an unregistered adult. We already knew that Jack was an inexperienced candidate with little to offer in the way of civic involvement or even ties to our community. Now we also know that he has spent decades of his life in total indifference to the important issues our government deals with every day.”