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from Fair Districts PA; sign the petition here:

The United States is the only major democracy that allows politicians to choose their voters by drawing electoral district lines. This is a conflict of interest that undermines the integrity of our elections.

There is a solution—and our legislators have the power to do something about it: Enact House Bill 722 and Senate Bill 22! These bipartisan redistricting reform bills are designed to stop gerrymandering in PA by putting an independent citizens commission in charge of redistricting.

By any measure, Pennsylvania is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. We are ALL harmed by lack of choice at the polls and an unresponsive, unaccountable legislature.

Until we fix this structural flaw in our electoral process, our votes won’t count and our legislators will continue to pay more attention to outside interests than to the people of Pennsylvania.

Sign the petition now to ask your legislators to support these bills. Then share it with your family, friends and networks.

Also see info about FairDistrictPA’s rally in Harrisburg on April 16 here

Pa. House must do its part to protect domestic abuse victims from gun violence

Philadelphia Inquirer, March 26, 2018

Remarkably, all 50 Pennsylvania state senators voted yes on Delaware Country Republican Sen. Thomas Killian’s bill to take guns away from people with a history of domestic violence.

It is remarkable because the Pennsylvania legislature is typically so cowed by the National Rifle Association that it deep-freezes even the most reasonable firearms safety measures. Even this common-sense bill, for example, sat in committee for a year before coming up for votes last week.

That’s a welcome indication of how much public sentiment has changed since the survivors of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., called out the NRA for its constant, reckless promotion of deadly weaponry that has no place in hunting or sport shooting….

keep reading at Philadelphia Inquirer And now, urge your representative in the PA House to support the bill.

As Republicans wring their hands, Chester County Democrats ring in spring season with successful fundraiser

 The Chester County Democratic Committee Kicked off its ‘Liftoff to Victory’ with endorsed Congressional Candidate Chrissy Houlahan at the American Helicopter Museum

West Chester, PA (March 20, 18) – Will local Republicans continue to back Trump, or move to save their own political careers? There was no ambiguity on the Democrats side as the Chester County Democratic Committee celebrated the end of its successful petition filing Sunday night at the American Helicopter Museum.

Candidate Chrissy Houlahan from the US 6th (Chester County and parts of Berks County in the new redistricting map) meets with attendees at the CCDC Spring Fundraiser

Titled Liftoff To Victory, US Congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan and a dozen PA Legislature candidates mingled with more than 250 guests. Highly supportive sponsors toured the museum and noted the enthusiasm among the crowd as talk of midterms permeated every conversation. News of Vice President Joe Biden’s endorsement of Houlahan was contrasted with the media stories of Ryan Costello’s possible retirement.


“We have a 17,000 voter disadvantage in Chester County,” noted Brian McGinnis, Chair of Chester County Democrats, to the museum crowd. “Yet we elected nearly 200 Dems across the county in November 2017. Let’s give PA Senator Dinniman more Democratic Senators in 2018 to help him get key legislation passed.”

McGinnis went on to note the historic accomplishments of his party in just the last year from purchasing a headquarters in West Chester to four row office wins plus record fundraising.

A Philly food-themed feast and Durning String Band ensured everyone was fed and entertained.

Spring Fundraiser Chairs Diane Van Mol of Paoli and Charlotte Valyo of Schuylkill Township created a Philly themed night with regional foods and festive sounds from the Durning String Band. The turnout at the museum was more than double the original goal. Money raised from ticket sales, silent auction baskets and sponsorships will be poured into Primary campaigns at all levels.


Local residents eager to canvass, phone bank or “get out the vote” for their favorite candidate can contact the Chester County Democratic Office at 610-692-5811. Primary Day is Tuesday, May 15 and Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. For details on all candidates, visit

“I tip my hat to my GOP neighbors,” McGinnis mused. “Thanks to their state and national party platform on everything from fair districts to gun control, Chester County Democrats have never been stronger in membership, in donations and in enthusiasm county-wide!”



Next History Stop: November 6, 2018

Last night, Conor Lamb, a Democrat and military veteran in western PA, (apparently) took down the Republican candidate in a Congressional district Trump won by close to 20 points in 2016! Outside GOP groups had poured in nearly $10M to win this race, while many small grass roots donations funded Conor Lamb’s campaign.

WE CAN DO THAT HERE in Chester County’s new 6th District and in the PA Legislature on November 6 – with your help. A $20.18 donation to the Chester County Democratic Committee will help our efforts to take back Washington and the PA Legislature. As you saw last night, every vote counts!

Thank you!

Brian J. McGinnis
Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee