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Judicial decision on Republican voters’ lawsuit demanding vote recount
Dec 11, 2022

Dear Democratic Supporters:

Provided here is the full ruling handed down by Judge Sommers in response to the lawsuit filed by Republicans demanding vote recounts for Governor, Lt Governor, and State Representatives in certain precincts due to fraud at certain polling locations.

This is a continuation of the Republican Party’s efforts to undermine voter confidence in elections by falsely claiming they have evidence of fraud and targeting certain precincts. This has been occurring throughout Pennsylvania. The Courts have dismissed these lawsuits, usually with very short rulings.

The response clearly and in detail demonstrated the absurdity of the Republican suit. along several lines:

Among the Republican petitioners were four precinct officials. As the judgment stated, “The four Petitioners who conducted the election in their precinct and who swore that they would uphold the law, who counted and reconciled the votes, and who then swore that they followed all procedures proscribed by law, now claim there was fraud in their precinct. In short, they now claim they themselves acted fraudulently or in error.”

Also: “Yet, the court was struck by the brazen proffer by Petitioners’ counsel that
they had specific, factual evidence of fraud or error, but had purposefully chosen not to
present those allegations to the court or to the Board of Elections in their Petitions
because “they didn’t have to.”

Judge Sommers’ ruling is detailed and, most notable, Judge Sommers dismisses the case WITH PREJUDICE.

Your work is coming to fruition. We are winning in court and at the polls. Be proud of your refusal to give up defending our democracy. We still have work to do, but this ruling is encouraging.

Charlotte Valyo, Chair

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