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Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana

email from John Fetterman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, 1/10/18. (At this point in the election cycle, this site helps bring to readers’ attention thoughts and issues raised by varied Dem candidates who are expected to be on the May 15 primary ballot.)

I’ll never fully understand why we’re so hung up on marijuana in this country.

Last week, Jeff Sessions chose to revive the decades-old war on drugs by encouraging attorneys in the Department of Justice to freely prosecute buyers, sellers, and users of cannabis under federal law.

It’s hard for me to imagine that in a time when the opioid epidemic is ravaging entire communities across Pennsylvania, we would need to spend our limited resources on prosecuting adults who choose to use cannabis in their spare time. It’s equally as hard for me to imagine how we could ignore the deeply negative impact that this nation’s drug policy has had on African Americans and people of color over the past few decades.

Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana, and his drug-war agenda needs to be stopped now.

If you agree, sign my petition to show your support for legalizing marijuana and putting an end to this administration’s radical war on drugs. Continue reading

John Fetterman Hopes To Redefine The Lieutenant Governor’s Role In Pennsylvania

excerpt from article of the above title in Raging Chicken Press, 12/15/17 (Fetterman is one of several candidates announced as running in the Dem primary for PA Lieutenant Governor):

…Fetterman said he hopes to use the platform to advocate for working-class citizens to protect them from heavily-financed special interests and predatory corporations. Out of everything he learned from his first run for Senate, he said the destructive nature of money in politics is what struck him the most.

“Citizens United, that has equated speech with money, that corporations are people, is probably the single most corrosive threat to American democracy that I’ve seen,” he said. “If you’re worth $10 billion, you effectively have the ability to purchase a presidential candidate.”

“I always say, ‘Relax, it’s much worse than you think,’ and it really is. That’s the biggest single thing I learned there, and I don’t mean that in a good way,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman says the money ingrained in the American political system has a chokehold on much of the progress that Americans want to see, and that changes in how campaigns are financed are necessary in order for voters to see results from their elected lawmakers….

read the full article and see video at Raging Chicken Press.

CCDC Fall Dinner September 25 with Fetterman, Goldwyn

More here; RSVP and donate here.

Chester County is a battleground county in a key swing state. Up for grabs besides the Presidency is control of the US Senate and maybe of the US House. And we have many competitive PA House and Senate races. Please join us for a program of outstanding speakers at a gorgeous venue!

You know John Fetterman, the Mayor of Braddock PA, from his Primary Senate campaign; this progressive icon will join us on September 25th as our opening speaker.

Tony Goldwyn, who currently plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the TV series Scandal will be Keynote Speaker.

“Actor and activist Tony Goldwyn to speak at Chesco Dem banquet,” Daily Local News, 9/23/16:

WEST CHESTER >> Tony Goldwyn, who currently stars as U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant III in the ABC drama series “Scandal” has been announced as the Chester County Democratic Committee’s keynote speaker at their Fall Banquet at The Ballroom at the Westside in West Chester on Sunday.

Anthony Howard “Tony” Goldwyn is an American actor, producer, director and political activist. A presenter at this year’s Emmy Awards, Goldwyn joins Braddock Mayor John Fetterman on the dais for the county Democrats fall fundraiser. Having a high-profile national surrogate for the Democrats speak at Sunday’s event reflects the importance of Chester County to the presidential as well as down-ballot races – especially evident in recent national press coverage such as last week’s USA Today lead article.

Mr. Goldwyn is an advocate for the Innocence Project, a nonprofit seeking justice for the wrongly convicted, and he frequently talks politics on Twitter. Mr. Goldwyn proudly supports Hillary Clinton for president.

Sestak leads US Senate Dem primary in F&M poll

from Franklin & Marshall poll released 4/21/16, p. 15, showing registered Dems’ intended vote in the US Senate primary:

If the 2016 Democratic primary election for U.S. SENATOR were being held today and
the candidates included (rotated) John Fetterman, Katie McGinty, and Joe Sestak, would you vote
for John Fetterman, Katie McGinty, Joe Sestak, some other candidate, or aren’t you sure how you
would vote?

33% Joe Sestak
27% Katie McGinty
8% John Fetterman
2% Other Candidate
29% Do not know