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Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf gets to know imposing new ticket mate Fetterman

By Mark Scolforo and Marc Levy, The Associated Press, Daily Local News, 5/16/18

MANCHESTER, Pa. >> Pennsylvania’s governor spent some time Wednesday getting to know his new running mate, a day after Democrats voted to replace the incumbent lieutenant governor on the fall ticket with a mayor who sports arm tattoos with the dates of murders in his economically struggling steel town.

Gov. Tom Wolf had lunch at a cafe near his home with Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, who beat four others for the nomination. …

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Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets

from John Fetterman, one of 5 candidates for Lieutenant Governor, of whom CCDC has endorsed Kathi Cozzone. For more on all 5, see here.

Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets.

But here in Pennsylvania, buying an assault weapon is as easy as buying a hoagie. That’s because a background check is not mandatory to purchase long guns, which includes assault weapons.

Support for a ban on assault weapons is the highest it’s been in years in this country, which should make State Representative Ed Gainey’s bold bill to ban assault weapons in our state — HB 194 — an easy sell. But for too long, the Republican-controlled State House and State Senate have stood in the way of any commonsense gun reform. That ends now.

Tell Republicans in Harrisburg: “Put your constituents ahead of the gun lobby! Take immediate action on HB 194 to ban weapons of war, which have no place in the hands of private citizens.”


I’d like to think we could have saved the many lives lost to gun violence here in Braddock and across Pennsylvania with regulations that kept those firearms out of the hands of criminals to begin with. And if I am lucky enough to serve as your next Lieutenant Governor, I will work with Rep. Gainey in Harrisburg to see this assault weapons ban and other commonsense gun reform bills through. But first, I need your help.

Will you join me? Add your name in support of Rep. Gainey’s bill to ban assault weapons.

Thank you for taking action on this,

John Fetterman vs. Citizens United

from John Fetterman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, 1/29/18

This month marked the eighth, terrible anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United vs. FEC decision — which made it legal for corporations and special interest groups to give as much money as they want to candidates and campaigns.

At a private donor retreat this past weekend, the Koch brothers discussed their plan to spend $20 million on advertisements and rallies to sell the American public on Trump’s tax plan — a plan that directly benefits them.

Even more gross in an already gross story is what that $20 million could do for communities like my own and all across Pennsylvania that Trump used as props.

This is what we’re dealing with. Citizens United has opened up the floodgates for people like the Koch brothers who want to spend millions of dollars influencing politicians and promoting ultra-conservative ideologies. Not only is this undemocratic — it is unmistakably corrupt.

I want Pennsylvanians to show greedy billionaires like the Koch brothers that we don’t need to take part in a rigged finance system to win elections. So I have to ask:

Can you chip in $5 or more to help us reach our January goal of 1,000 grassroots donations?

Learn more or donate here. [n.b. at this point in the election cycle we post occasional items by or from candidates that raise important issues; we will give space to all candidates for whom we receive such information, without intending to imply endorsement or favoritism.]

Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana

email from John Fetterman, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, 1/10/18. (At this point in the election cycle, this site helps bring to readers’ attention thoughts and issues raised by varied Dem candidates who are expected to be on the May 15 primary ballot.)

I’ll never fully understand why we’re so hung up on marijuana in this country.

Last week, Jeff Sessions chose to revive the decades-old war on drugs by encouraging attorneys in the Department of Justice to freely prosecute buyers, sellers, and users of cannabis under federal law.

It’s hard for me to imagine that in a time when the opioid epidemic is ravaging entire communities across Pennsylvania, we would need to spend our limited resources on prosecuting adults who choose to use cannabis in their spare time. It’s equally as hard for me to imagine how we could ignore the deeply negative impact that this nation’s drug policy has had on African Americans and people of color over the past few decades.

Jeff Sessions is dead-wrong on marijuana, and his drug-war agenda needs to be stopped now.

If you agree, sign my petition to show your support for legalizing marijuana and putting an end to this administration’s radical war on drugs. Continue reading