Voting is the essential act of democracy! There are those who are trying to make it harder to vote, or who question the outcome of fair elections. You can stand up to them by just that simple act of voting, whether in person or by mail.

Has anyone said to you: “But I voted for president the last time around”? Tell them: “Our democratic system has 2 elections a year, every year: a primary election in the spring and a general election in the fall. You don’t vote once every 4 years, you vote 8 times in 4 years! Anyone who votes only in the presidential general election is losing out on 87.5% of the opportunity to be heard at the polls.”

The rules are made by those who show up. If you don’t register and vote, the rules for you and your family’s future will be made by others. A Democrat who doesn’t vote is casting half a vote for the other side. Always vote because:

  • You want a fair minimum wage and equal pay for equal work.
  • You want students to have affordable loans.
  • You want the US to catch up to other countries in health care access.
  • You want a fair tax code in which the wealthy pay their fair share and the super-wealthy don’t profit from tax havens abroad.
  • You want the satisfaction of saying what you want every 6 months.

Pennsylvania has almost a million more Democrats than Republicans. But Democrats have fewer seats in the US Congress and PA General Assembly as Republicans. Why? A major factor is voter turnout.

Every election matters, whether you are voting for a president who will lead the nation, a school board member who will help set local education policy and budgets, or a senator who will help determine the next appointee to the US Supreme Court.

Good advice adapted from the Easttown Dems

Don’t skip voting in odd-year elections because because you don’t think they are important. On the contrary, they shape your daily life. The individuals elected to every single municipal office have an impact on your family’s well-being and the policies that govern your township, school board, and county. For example:

  • Tax assessments (which may exceed your federal taxes)
  • Attention to climate change & sustainability in strategic planning
  • Condition of our streets and sewers; lack of sidewalks and bicycle trails
  • Capacity to attract new businesses and new residents
  • Criminal justice from streets to courts to prisons to fresh starts
  • Schools’ physical, social, and health environment
  • Integrity of election procedures


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