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By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times of Chester County, Dec 20th, 2018. [Mike McGann is a candidate for Register of Wills. For CCDC’s social media policy before the primary election, see here.]

People run for office for a lot of reasons: ambition, fame, passion, lust for power and yes, a desire to do good works.

Put me in the final category.

As someone who has been around elected officials for much of my adult life — either as a media member or someone actively involved in politics — I’ve seen those reasons really drive both how that person runs for office and, ultimately, how he or she serves in office. After more than five decades on this planet, I know running for the wrong reasons is a recipe for disaster.

My decision to back away from journalism and reenter politics was a slow and careful one — borne out of two frustrations: 1. the current media landscape makes it hard to have a positive impact (I’ll explain a bit of that in a minute) and 2. I began to find it harder and harder to maintain the objectivity needed to be a good journalist.

Let’s take on the latter first.

After Donald Trump was elected, I began to sense a shift in the atmosphere, like a license had been granted to unleash dark things in our society. It became increasingly personal when covering the Board of Education in Unionville-Chadds Ford, where my own kids attended school and where I served for more than two years as president of the local Education Foundation….

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To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”

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