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The Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus calls out the R majorities in the PA House and Senate for failing to work for the benefit of the people, in “The election is over, and COVID-19 is surging. Where are Harrisburg Republicans?,” 12/21/20.

R’s in H’burg (including, unfortunately, one from Chesco) have been following the lead of R’s in Washington in denying that Nov. 3 election results are accurate. And in both capitals, R legislators are trying to evade or whittle down the actions needed to protect us from medical and economic disaster. For example:

“We know the pandemic has been grossly mismanaged at the federal level with disastrous effects. Here at home, Republicans who have held the majority in our state legislature for the last decade have spent 10 months trying every trick in their book to undermine our governor, our health professionals and a preponderance of the medical and scientific evidence that has guided Pennsylvania’s pandemic response….”

Read the full article here.

“We must march to demand the unqualified right to register and vote—we must march to demand the opportunity for decent jobs—we must march for the right to improve our wages and living standards.” — Bayard Rustin, born in West Chester, March 17, 1912

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