by CCDC Chair Dick Bingham (also a letter in Daily Local News, 9/20/19)

In a recent national poll, nine out 10 Republicans support Donald Trump. They don’t care that he is a racist, a purveyor of hate and divisiveness, a bully, a misogynist, a compulsive liar and an embarrassment at home and abroad. They don’t care about the incompetence inherent in disastrous trade wars, immigration policy limited to “build a wall” and economic policy built on the old, and discredited, “trickle down” theory, which succeeds in making the rich richer, racks up huge national debt, but fails to trickle down to those less economically secure.

In the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, Republicans also don’t care. They support Donald Trump no matter what he does – denying global warming, calling immigrants “invaders,” perpetuating squalid conditions for asylum seekers at our Southern border, telling four freshmen Congresswomen (all persons of color) to go back to wherever they came from, or the perversity of trying to deny millions of Americans affordable health care without a single word on what the “replace” option would be.

In Harrisburg we have the Republican controlled Senate and House failing to take action to restore school funding levels, to fix our crumbling infrastructure and to tax natural gas producers, like every other neighboring state, to help fund these programs. At the same time, the Republican majority demonstrates its extreme insensitivity toward the most economically vulnerable among us by eliminating a program that provides a meager $200 per month to Pennsylvania adults who are temporarily or permanently unable to work.

Now we have the Republican State Committee and the Chester County Republican Committee urging the election (or re-election) of Republicans locally. These local candidates are the same people who have supported the likes of Donald Trump, Scott Wagner (former Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate whose campaign floundered with its Trump-like style and agenda), Val DiGiorgio (former chairman of the Republican State Committee who resigned in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal) and Bunny Welsh (soon-to-be former Sheriff of Chester County who is not seeking re-election in the wake of allegations of misuse of public funds for personal gain).

We do not have a simple thread connecting the Republican psyche from Washington to Harrisburg to Chester County, we have an entire fabric.

It is time to send a message. It is time to say enough. Our country needs a fresh start. It is time to restore decency, to restore sound moral standards, at all levels of government.

It is time to elect people whose moral character will not be contaminated by or reflective of the current president of the United States. If you do not like, if you cannot support, what is happening at all levels of government in the wake of Trump’s election, join us. It is time to elect people who will put public interest ahead of partisan politics.

We can start right here in Chester County by electing Democrats up and down the ballot on Nov. 5.

Dick Bingham
Chairman, Chester County Democratic Committee

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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