Dear Chester County Democrat:

I never thought I would ask, in the last days of September, have you voted yet? But here we are with voting season now open. The mail-in ballots are printed and coming to your home if already requested. Nothing this year is typical. A whole new vocabulary has opened up: naked ballot, drop box, secrecy envelope, postmarked, spoiled ballot.

Here’s what I do know. We are going to have a Happy Blue Year in 2021. Because of you. On January 1st the PA Legislature will be sworn in. Our NINE State Representatives along with our TWO State Senate candidates will have an incredible impact on all of our lives. Here’s what’s at stake…

Republicans have controlled the PA Senate for the better part of twenty-five years. Republicans have controlled the state House for ten years when they gerrymandered districts to retain control. If we fail to flip on November 3rd, redistricting kicks in for another decade. It will be a generation before we have this opportunity again.

The likely swing in the U.S. Supreme Court will make it all the more critical to gain control of our legislature to ensure our rights as citizens of Pennsylvania. With that in mind, Chester County Democratic Committee is awarding $11,000 — $1000 per Harrisburg-bound candidate — to our eleven county campaigns. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to CCDC this year.

There’s an election in 37 days and we still don’t know for sure what the rules are. Scary, isn’t it? According to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article:

“At the moment, election boards cannot begin processing mail-in ballots before 7 a.m. on Election Day. Gov. Tom Wolf and lawmakers from both parties want to move up that timeline, but negotiations on a bill to do so have stalled in the wake of several critical state Supreme Court decisions. Separately, the state Supreme Court ruled last week ballots that are received as late as Nov. 6 can be counted, as long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3. The GOP says it will take that case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Also pending is a federal lawsuit from Trump’s campaign to prevent the use of satellite drop boxes, which the president has claimed without evidence would be susceptible to fraud. Pennsylvania’s top election official this week argued the case should be thrown out now that the state’s highest court has ruled.”

These are all distractions to cast doubt, anxiety, hopelessness. Don’t buy in to it. Remember how you felt four years ago? Make a plan and vote. Here in Chester County there are numerous safe ways to cast your ballot. Everything you need is on our CCDC website. We update it almost daily!

Social media is full of wonderful memes to clarify the ever changing rules. Here’s one I think you’ll appreciate.

What will make the difference in Chester County in these final weeks? Volunteers and money. We have seen an incredible outpouring of folks writing postcards, planting lawn signs, making phone calls, and donating dollars.

As you drive to the grocery store, broadcast your political choice with a Biden bumper sticker. We will happily mail one for every $25 donation (or more) to Chester County Democratic Committee. Every dollar raised in the coming weeks will help our ongoing efforts to Get Out The Vote in every precinct.

Donate online here. If you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to “CCDC” and send it to our headquarters at 37 S. High Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

Thank you for all you do. Stay safe this week.

Dick Bingham
CCDC Chair

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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