excerpt from Rep. Danielle Friel Otten‘s newsletter, 3/29/19:

In recent years, Pennsylvania has experienced dangerous summer heat waves and intensifying rainfall as our planet warms. If this issue is not addressed, it will only worsen as we continue to burn non-renewable energy sources. If we hope to preserve the health and welfare of Pennsylvanians, we must take preemptive measures to decrease greenhouse gases and reduce levels of air, water, and land pollution. It is imperative that Pennsylvania begins its transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 if we hope to make this vision a reality.

For these reasons, I am pleased to join my colleagues in the House in support of Rep. Chris Rabb’s proposed legislation to jumpstart this transition. While the final bill has not yet been introduced, the proposed legislation will create a plan for Pennsylvania’s energy independence and security while looking for both private and public investment in carbon-free energy and energy-efficient projects. These projects will require the creation of family-sustaining, green-collar jobs by harnessing a newly skilled workforce. They will also give Pennsylvania’s academic institutions and other stakeholders the opportunity to advance new fields of technology in order to produce these commercial and civic innovations.

I am also happy to support HB 531, a bill to assist in Pennsylvania’s transition to 100 percent renewable energy. This legislation would enable community solar projects and would be part of a collaboration with solar businesses. Community solar would create new markets and encourage free enterprise by expanding opportunities for business and community members to participate and ultimately benefit from a Pennsylvanian solar powered electric grid.

Community solar would allow participants to subscribe to a solar project and receive credit for their electricity bill for the power produced, just as if the solar panels were attached to their homes. Pennsylvanians would have the choice to participate. This legislation would have Pennsylvania join 18 other states in giving its residents this environmentally and fiscally responsible option and allow for greater participation from citizens, if they choose.

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