Weekly message from CCDC. Chair Dick Bingham:

Dear Chester County Democratic Voter:

I started this Sunday column months ago to mark 100 days until Election Day. Today we have just 9 days until everyone gets their say about who will lead us out of this nightmare in 2021. With Halloween almost here, I have to wonder, will there be a trick or a treat coming?

First, thank you for everything you have done. I have seen the passion of voters standing in line for hours to cast a mail-in ballot at Voter Services in West Chester. I pass lawn signs for all of our down-ballot candidates in front yards and along our highways. I’ve heard the phone calls, seen the lit drops and watched as people stop by the CCDC office for campaign materials. Please keep it up just a few more days. Every call, every reminder, every bumper sticker might be the nudge to get one more person to vote.

DiagramDescription automatically generatedAnd now for the trick. In this week’s Daily Local News, the county GOPs are boasting of “former Democrats changing theirregistration to Republican.” The truth is, our Democratic registration numbers are at its highest levels, ever, in our history.

Here are some actual facts: In 2016 there were 18,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats. However, Hillary Clinton got 25,000 more votes than Trump! In 2020, with our voter registration advantage (the County is now Blue after all) and knowing even more clearly the multiple ways Trump has failed our country and our Constitution, I expect Joe Biden and ALL of our Democratic candidates will score even higher numbers.

We do need every Mail-In ballot that was requested to be returned. Tuesday, October 27 is the absolute deadline to apply for a Mail-in ballot (AKA voting early). To do that, you can go to one of our three Chester County Voter Services locations below (Chester Springs, Oxford, West Chester) and apply, receive and cast your mail-in ballot all at once. Be prepared to stand in a long line. But be determined to complete this most important mission.

Chester County Government Services Center, 601 Westtown Rd, West Chester

Henrietta Hankin Branch Library, 215 Windgate Drive, Chester Springs

Oxford Public Library, 48 S Second Street, Oxford

In the final stretch to Election Day there are still opportunities to get involved. Explore our home page, with links for volunteering, for yard signs, for canvassing and most importantly, planning your vote.

When all else fails, go to your precinct and cast your ballot on November 3 from 7 am to 8 pm. Like we have been saying all along, make a plan to vote. You already know who you are voting for! And, be assured, every vote does matter.  We in Chester County can help carry Pennsylvania for Biden.

Stay healthy, wear a mask and Happy Halloween.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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