Americans are all too used to seeing data that put us in the company of countries we don’t like to compare ourselves to, with regard to issues like executions, percentage of population in prison, or people without health insurance; and the same is true of guns.

The above chart, in “Guns in America: Our Relationship With Firearms in 5 Charts,”, 11/12/18, from CIA World Factbook statistics, shows that the US has about 2 and a half times as many guns per 100,000 residents as 2nd place Yemen, which for the past 8 years has been in the throes of political crisis and violence, invasion and civil war.

Another chart shows the 20 countries in the world with the top gun deaths per capita. The good news is that the US ranks only 12th on the list. The bad news is that the other countries are 16 in South and Central America, plus Phillipines and Lesotho. No country in Europe or continental Asia is on the list.

Just for reference….


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