See the latest at “Biden Administration: Here’s Who Has Been Named So Far, at NPR.

Here’s the breakdown by demographics, as analyzed in a 12/19 email by Domenico Montanaro, NPR’s senior political editor/correspondent:

• 19 total selected so far out of the 25 Cabinet or Cabinet-level positions for his administration.
• 11 people of color, which is more than half so far.
• 10 of Biden’s picks are women, more than half of those picked so far. Trump’s Cabinet is 83% male, including 78% white male; Biden’s is 47% male at this point.
• 6 Black Americans are part of Biden’s group, almost a third — four of whom are Black women. For comparison, just one Black man serves in Trump’s Cabinet (Ben Carson at Housing and Urban Development).
• 3 Asian American picks. Trump has one Asian American Cabinet secretary (Elaine Chao at Transportation).
• 2 Latinos. In Trump’s Cabinet, Jovita Carranza of the Small Business Administration is the only Latino.
• 1 Native American, who would be the first ever in a president’s Cabinet.
• 1 openly gay man, who would be the first ever confirmed to a president’s Cabinet.
Biden still has six big jobs left to fill: attorney general, commerce, labor and education secretaries, director of the CIA, and Small Business Administration administrator.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

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