Christopher Kowerdovich (Incumbent)

Christopher Kowerdovich (Incumbent) (484) 206-5600 Democratic State Committee

I was a medic in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and served in Iraq. I have attended Penn State gaining a B.S. in Organizational Leadership & Labor. I got into political organizing in 2012 with the re-election of Obama. I have stayed with the party and have worked on over 30 races, most of which are in Chester County. Currently, I am a member of State Committee. In this role, I have been active in both caucuses and grassroots support for statewide candidates. I am a lively member of the veterans’ caucus serving as treasurer. I attend the rural, labor, progressive, disability, and LGBT caucuses. If the good folks of Chester Co give me the honor to stay on state committee, I will run for chair of the Veterans’ Caucus.

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