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Pennsylvania Vaccination Distribution Plan

Pennsylvania Vaccination Distribution Plan

As the PA DOH image shows, total population is just one factor; age 65+ population and number of Covid cases and deaths also figure in the formula. And educators and support staff are on their own schedule now, prioritized for the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)...
Where are Harrisburg Republicans?

Where are Harrisburg Republicans?

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus calls out the R majorities in the PA House and Senate for failing to work for the benefit of the people, in “The election is over, and COVID-19 is surging. Where are Harrisburg Republicans?,” 12/21/20. R’s in...
Covid-19: the US and the world

Covid-19: the US and the world

The chart from Worldometer shows that the US, with about 5% of the world’s population, has over 25% of known Covid-19 cases. The USA death rate to date is 360 per million population (or about 1 in 2,775 people), behind several Western European countries but much...


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