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Sierra Club endorsements, 2022
Oct 28, 2022

Email from Sierra Club, 10/28/22:

The Southeastern PA Group is asking its members to show their support for the environment by voting for the following candidates in running for statewide and Pennsylvania House and Senate races from Chester County:

• Josh Shapiro (PA Governor)
• John Fetterman (US Senate)
• Chrissy Houlahan (US Congress District 6)
• Melissa Shusterman (157th PA House District)
• Christina Sappey (158th PA House District)
• Kristine Howard (67th  PA House District)
• Danielle Otten (155th PA House District)
• Paul Friel (26th PA House District)
• Dan Williams (74th PA House District)
• Cathy Spahr (160th PA House District)
• Chris Pielli (156th PA House District)


See more info here.  The above-listed Dem candidates on Chesco ballots for PA House all scored 100%. None of the 3 R incumbents representing Chesco in H’burg made the grade, as their 2022 scores on the Environmental Scorecard are too low (5%, 5% and 53%). Environmentally-concerned voters, please act accordingly!

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