News from PA Senator Katie Muth (D-44):

Last week, the Senate Democratic Policy Committee hosted our final two hearings of 2021. In total, we hosted 27 hearings across the Commonwealth and virtually on various important state issues, regional issues and matters of public policy.

On Monday, we hosted a public hearing at Reading Area Community College on evaluating and improving drug treatment centers in Pennsylvania. The alarming rates of substance abuse and drug overdoses have been magnified throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And when individuals and their families reach out for help and seek treatment, they do not have the resources and information available to make an informed choice about treatment facilities. Pennsylvania families deserve better.

This policy hearing allowed our Committee to hear from families who have tragically lost loved ones to addiction, and it also afforded us an opportunity to discuss possible legislative solutions and policy changes that can improve the evaluation process and treatment outcomes of Pennsylvania’s drug treatment centers.  Patient outcome survey data should be guiding treatment plans, not insurance companies that often deny coverage for the care required for successful recovery. For more information on this issue and to watch the full video from our hearing, click here.

The second hearing was held virtually on the need to improve, expand, and secure adequate long-term funding for home repair programs in Pennsylvania. The tragic reality many people and families across the country are faced with is that their houses are old, unsafe, and quite frankly, dangerous. We need to do more here in Pennsylvania to help homeowners access the resources that they need to make necessary home repairs and renovations, as well as ensure landlords are not violating tenants’ rights and ensuring living conditions are safe, clean, and meeting required structural standards. Last week’s virtual hearing really opened our eyes to the challenges both homeowners and renters are facing every day just trying to secure a safe and livable space to call home.  I look forward to working with Senator Saval, as well as with experts and stakeholders, to ensure that a comprehensive plan to ensure affordable, safe housing and home repair resources in every county of Pennsylvania. For more information on this issue and to watch the full video from the virtual hearing, click here.

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