Rep. Dianne Herrin, who took office in January representing the 156th district, has commented that “leadership … is taking a solid position, considering your entire constituency and the broader impacts on them and our community, and leading everyone toward a common goal, which is rooted in the common good.” That philosophy of government led her to issue, on Feb. 23, a “Position Paper: Governor Wolf’s Proposed Budget.”

The paper focuses on the principle of fairness in three areas:

State funding of public education, which currently disadvantages districts with a growing population and with more students who need particular types of help;

• The state minimum wage, which has fallen so far behind real life conditions that “A single parent with one child earning minimum wage in PA would need to work 134 hours/week to earn a living wage”—and this at a time when half of PA’s minimum wage earners are classified as “essential”;

• The state income tax rate, currently at a flat rate, which the governor proposes be graduated so that wealthier people would pay a somewhat higher rate than at present and families with lower income would pay a lower or zero rate.

Download the 9-page position paper here.

Here is the paper’s initial summary:

Governor Wolf’s budget contains three key proposals: Fairer funding of the Commonwealth’s public schools, a gradual minimum wage increase, and a more progressive tax structure. While I believe some modifications are needed, I support these three approaches in general, because together they provide opportunity for working people. Dismantling barriers to basic educational and income opportunities is central to boosting our economy, strengthening our families, and improving the resilience of our communities and our country. I will continue to fight for all families and our small businesses as long as I serve in the General Assembly.

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“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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