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County Row Officers Maisano, Reif, and Van de Krol welcome Sophia Garcia-Jackson Endorsed For Chester County Coroner

West Chester, PA (February 16, 2021) – Chester County Democrats are on the verge of a fifth consecutive year of historic wins as they gathered virtually Tuesday night to endorse their slate for the May 18 Primary. Superior Court Judge Maria McLaughlin accepted the first of 18 races on the docket, five of which were contested. Alita Rovito won the 65% endorsement threshold for Chester County Court of Common Pleas from a field of four candidates.

For the first time, more than 400 representatives from all corners of Chester County “packed” the virtual convention using digital voting instead of pen and paper ballots. Delegates were missing the typical campaign hoopla of buttons, stickers and meet ‘n greets as they arrived for the start of convention.

Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) Chair Dick Bingham noted at the start of the convention that the pandemic may have altered how we endorse our candidates but never why. “Once again Chester County is fortunate to have so many dedicated public servants, fierce advocates for justice and tireless fighters for workers.”

PA Dems previously endorsed candidates and CCDC nominated candidates generating 65% or more of ballots cast were:

PA Supreme Court                      Judge Maria McLaughlin*

PA Superior Court                       Judge Timika Lane

PA Commonwealth Court             Judge David Spurgeon*

Chester County Treasurer           (incumbent)     Patricia Maisano

Chester County Controller           (incumbent)     Margaret Reif

Chester County Clerk of Courts    (incumbent)     Yolanda Van de Krol

Chester County Coroner                                    Sophia Garcia-Jackson

Court of Common Pleas                                     Alita Rovito

Magisterial District Judges

15-1-01         Marc Lieberman

15-1-02         Mackenzie Smith

15-1-03         Greg Hines

15-1-04         Marian Vito                                 

15-2-07         Paige Simmons

15-4-01         Lauren Holt

15-4-02         no candidate

15-4-04         Bobby Brown

*Endorsed earlier this month by the PA Dems

Chairman Bingham noted that exactly one year ago the difference between registered Chester County Republican voters versus registered Democratic voters was a slim 5,000 voter advantage. He could not have predicted the swiftness of change when months later, in May 2020, Chester County flipped to blue. Today everyone in the state of Pennsylvania — and in the country — knows that Chester County leans Democratic with registered voter numbers growing weekly.

Tuesday, May 18 is the Pennsylvania Primary. The last day for residents to register to vote for the primary is May 3. The last day to apply for a Mail-in ballot from Chester County Voter Services is May 11.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 2.


The Chester County Democratic Committee believes in Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for all Americans regardless of what they believe, who they are, or where they came from. Find them online at

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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