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Joe Biden is the only candidate still running for the Dem nomination but, due to timing, not the only candidate with delegates on Chesco ballots.

Local Biden representatives:
Local contact: Carla Frank, [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator, Biden National HQ, Philadelphia: Keigo O’Haru

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee on August 17-21.

CCDC Chair Dick Bingham explains delegates on our ballot:

The ballot allows voting for not more than eight delegates. There are four pledged to Biden and nine pledged to Sanders.

Here is my understanding about how the delegate selection process will work. Delegates will be awarded proportionally, based on the votes a Presidential candidate receives. If Biden gets more than 85% of the vote, he will get all the delegates. In that case, the four Biden delegates on the ballot will win four spots. The other four will be appointed by the Biden campaign, consistent with gender balance requirements. If Sanders receives more than 15% of the vote he will be awarded delegates proportional to the number of votes received.

Let’s say Sanders receives enough votes to qualify for two delegates, for example. In that case, the top female and top male delegates for Sanders would be selected along with the four Biden delegates plus two appointed. In this case, the two Biden appointments would both have to be female to achieve gender balance.

Write-in votes are also allowed. Any write-in would have to show the persons name (legibly) as well as the presidential candidate to whom they are committed. I do not know at this time whether or not write-in votes will be considered when delegate appointments are made, but it is a possibility and it certainly cannot hurt to write-in one or more names if a voter wishes to do so.

Here are the candidates as they will appear on the ballot (with 8 write-in spaces in all, also a write-in line for an alternate delegate):

37 South High St.
    West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 692-5811

email CCDC


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