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Presidential campaign info

Chester County or nearby representatives for candidates (please email CCDC if you know of any others):

Michael Bloomberg: Kevin Burk [email protected], Regional Organizing Director, Chester County

Amy Klobuchar: delegate application here; email Jared Abelson, [email protected]

Bernie Sanders: Ben Swartz (215) 779-4719 [email protected]

Elizabeth Warren: email Lani Frank, [email protected]

Also see local paid internships, fellowship0s, and job opportunities here.

Here is the list of state-level contacts supplied by the PA Dem office:

Joe Biden Carla Frank
[email protected]
Elizabeth Warren Justine Turner
[email protected]
Bernie Sanders Matt Berg
[email protected]
Pete Buttigieg Jacob Burman
[email protected]
Andrew Yang Matt Shinners
[email protected]
Amy Klobuchar Lainey Edmisten
[email protected]
Tom Steyer Cameron Koob
[email protected]
Malik Hubbard
[email protected]
Michael Bennett Joe Kabourek
[email protected]
Michael Bloomberg Norma Rahall
[email protected]
Deval Patrick [email protected]
Tulsi Gabbard Chris Gropp
[email protected]

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Milwaukee July 13-16. Delegate candidates must apply to the PA Dem party by Jan. 27, including a pledge form guaranteeing to vote for the presidential candidate they run for. Of those applicants, each presidential campaign selects those it wishes to represent it on the ballot. In the 6th congressional district, each campaign gets 4 male delegates and 4 female delegates and 1 female alternate. So, if there are, say, 7 presidential candidates still in April, that means 63 slots for delegates on the ballot!

According to the Pennsylvania Delegate Selection Plan,

“The National Convention delegates and alternates selected at the district level shall be allocated in proportion to the percentage of the primary vote won in that district by each preference, except that preferences falling below a 15% threshold shall not be awarded any delegates or alternates.”

Thus Chesco delegates for several presidential candidates could go to the National Convention, in accordance with the distribution of votes on April 28.

To find more about delegates, you can download the relevant files here.

37 South High St.
    West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 692-5811

email CCDC