Thanks to all of our volunteers in every zone and precinct and the incredible ground game you mounted, we have retained control of the County, elected PA Court of Common Pleas judges and made advances in local elections, losing and gaining. Congratulations to Alita Rovita and Tony Verwey for running aggressive campaigns against strong Republican candidates in the Court of Common Pleas race. Everyone knows the importance of our courts and now we have two more justices who will uphold our Constitution. Congratulations to the County Row Office candidates. Treasurer Patricia Maisano, Controller Margaret Reif, and Clerk of Courts Yoland Van de Krol were re-elected for second terms. Congratulations to Coroner Candidate, now elected official, Sophia Garcia-Jackson, for stepping up to run for office for the first time and for her tireless campaigning. Looking at our down ballot races, we had success flipping some school boards, boards of supervisors, mayor positions and MDJs. We also added to but did not flip some boards as well and we lost seats in some areas. We will be analyzing the results in detail and the information will be shared. Well done, thank you for your tireless work, get some rest — because we all know what is coming next! My deep appreciation to all, Charlotte Valyo, CCDC chair 11/4/21 a.m.  

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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