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“PA Proposed Constitutional Amendments: What You Need to Know”
Sep 6, 2022

It used to be that Republicans stood by the basically 18th-century US Constitution and Democrats wanted to modernize it. Now, with some exceptions like the Second Amendment and the Electoral College, many R’s are eager to alter the Constitution, and D’s by and large want to preserve tradition, with the built-in Bill of Rights and separation of powers. Former US Senator from PA Rick Santorum, who was rousingly ousted by voters in 2006, is pushing a national effort to call a convention to write a new US Constitution. So that tells you where that team is coming from.

Meanwhile, R’s are trying to modify the PA Constitution as well. The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania spells out many reasons to oppose that proposal, which would elevate the legislative branch (currently in R hands) over the executive branch (currently in D hands), make voting even harder, undermine the right to abortion, and even bizarrely remove the wording that gives those aged 18 to 20 the right to vote, to name a few of its demerits. To get these unsavory measures on the ballot in May, R’s must try to pass the bill (currently SB 106) again early in 2023. Let your legislators and candidates, of both parties, know you oppose it, now and in 2023!

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