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Governor Tom Wolf has been proposing to raise the PA minimum wage to $12 this year and thereafter by 50 cents a year until it rises to $15.

The map below, from Turn PA Blue, 6/4/19, shows that minimum wages in the 6 adjoining states are currently between $8.55 and $11.10, with 3 of them scheduled to rise soon.

But the R majority in H’burg wouldn’t hear of it and thanks to their stranglehold on the just-passed state budget, they once again denied minimum-wage Pennsylvanian employees the chance to increase their take-home pay for the first time since 2008. One more reason for voters to make a big change in H’burg next year!

“We must march to demand the unqualified right to register and vote—we must march to demand the opportunity for decent jobs—we must march for the right to improve our wages and living standards.” — Bayard Rustin, born in West Chester, March 17, 1912

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