PA Constitutional Amendments on the ballot: Vote No / No / Yes (and then another Yes)

All voters — Democrats, Republicans, Independents — will be asked to vote on 3 constitutional amendments (ON THE BACK OF MOST BALLOTS) at the primary election on May 18. THESE ARE PERMANENT DECISIONS! Legislators who fail to slide their issues through the legislature often try the amendment route, assuming that voters will go along. DO NOT GO ALONG THIS TIME! View 30-second video here.

What they have done this time is put in 2 amendments designed to encroach on executive territory, and tried to cloak them behind a third amendment that sounds good but probably has little effect, as it basically says US law applies in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Democratic party has circulated an analysis by PA Senator Sharif Street, Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, recommending:

Amendment 1: vote NO (Re: Disaster Emergency)

Amendment 2: vote NO (Re: Disaster Emergency)

Amendment 3: vote YES (Re: Equality of Rights)

As Sen. Street shows, the first 2 amendments would limit and complicate the process of protecting Pennsylvanians in case of disaster and could also cut short federal aid. Download Sen. Street’s 3-page document here.

Download the full text underlying the 3 amendments here. There is also a 4th question on loans to fire departments, on which Dems recommend a Yes vote. So on the 4 questions, please remember: No/No/Yes/Yes! See more about the 4 questions here courtesy of KAD.

If you want more background info, see CCDC Chairman Dick Bingham’s commentary in the Daily Local News, 4/12/21, as well as Ballotopedia and the Committee of 70.

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