Dear Friends,

Chester County Voter Services (CCVS) and our party solicitor are working to ensure every legitimately cast vote has been counted. During the work of reconciling the number of ballots counted with the number received, a discrepancy was identified. To immediately address the discovery, ballot counting was suspended on Friday, November 5th. On Saturday and Sunday, CCVS performed a reconciliation of the number of ballots received in the many different categories with the number of ballots counted. Problems detected were reported openly to both parties and both parties agreed to the reconciliation process and to the fact that there would be no observers over the weekend during the reconciliation process which is intensive and tedious.

The unaccounted-for Mail In Ballots have been identified and will be uploaded. Absentee, Overseas and Military ballots will also be counted and uploaded. Provisional ballots will be considered once all other ballots are counted. Counting will continue today, Monday, November 8th. The Democratic and Republican Solicitors will be involved in discussing the process for ballot counting. Both parties will have observers in the room in addition to the solicitors.

We have had many successes this week, electing and re-electing our county candidates, picking up the majority of MDJ races, and flipping many school boards, several townships and mayors from Republican to Democratic. This was done against a national trend that often went in the opposite direction. Chester County remained strong. I believe we will have more successes as the ballot counting and reporting continues.

We applaud the fact that all of this has been done in an open, bipartisan environment that provides the confidence to everyone that our democracy has again functioned as it should – in the open and with the goal of counting every eligible vote.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Be assured your vote matters and will be counted. Thank you for your patience as the process continues.

Charlotte Valyo, Chair
Chester County Democratic Committee

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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