Margaret Reif was first elected County Controller in 2017. Her operating principles are: Transparency, Efficiency and Accountability. She is seeking reelection in 2021 to continue her important work of seeing that County offices use taxpayers’ funds with utmost responsibility and efficiency.

What does the County Controller do? She supervises the fiscal affairs of the County, including the accounts, transactions and official acts relating thereto, of all officers and persons entrusted with the public funds of the County. The Controller maintains all fiscal and accounting records, processes, accounts payable and other disbursements, manages payroll and retirement benefits, and is responsible for the internal audit function. The Controller maintains custody and stewardship of all County contracts and monitors all contract, agreement and lease payments to ensure that no payment exceeds the limits or terms of those documents.

Visit Margaret Reif’s web site and Facebook; view her 4-minute video here.

Margaret Reif’s background

* Degree in Economics and Finance

* Small business owner

* Former Controller for non-profit

Accomplishments in office to date

* Streamlined processes within Chester County increasing Efficiency and Saving Taxpayer Dollars.

* Earned Certification as Public Pension Professional. First Retirement Board Member to actively attend conferences and training sessions.

* Outsourced Municipal District Court audits, saving money and increasing ability to audit areas never audited before, improving oversight of taxpayer investments.

* Increased trust in Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hotline

* Investigated K-9 Unit Fund oversight, leading to charges by the PA Attorney General.

* Increased visibility of County Controller office and County Financials.

* Updated County Financial information on website for easy access for all constituents and public evaluation.

* Created Social Media page.

* Distributed and discussed County Financial data at Public Zone and Township meetings.

* Voiced concern over mounting County debt.

* Currently implementing new automation projects.

* Accounts Payable Automation Project to enable departments countywide to work remotely during the Covid crisis, increase efficiency, reduce paper/print costs, and allow for Improved Oversight of County expenditures.

* Outsourcing Payroll, moving away from current process, ultimately saving the Taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year going forward.

* Implementing audit automation software package to improve ability of auditors and auditees to work remotely, increase efficiency and ultimately enable us to produce more audits per year than ever before.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

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