by Kristine Howard (PA House, D-167)

As a state representative I don’t see my voters as just constituents. I see them as friends, neighbors and members of the community I love and where I raised my children.  I have been honored to represent you and I respectfully ask you to vote if you have not already and please vote to send me back to legislature to be a voice for you and for children and families that need someone to be their advocate.

If you have been reading my email messages, you know I have been especially frustrated with the intransigence we suffer in Harrisburg. Without question, due to extreme gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, the legislature is held captive by a radical right-wing Republican majority. The majority does not reflect the values of our community. And, I believe the Republican majority in Harrisburg does not even reflect the values of the majority of Republicans in my district.

It does not have to be this way. We can change the majority in Harrisburg in this election by reelecting the eleven Democrats, like me, who flipped seats in 2018, and by adding nine more November 3rd. The Cook Political Report, the National Journal and other respect political prognosticators are calling the race for control of the legislature in Pennsylvania as a toss-up.

I am particularly proud to be part of an emerging sisterhood in politics who are carving out a mainstream role for women in political and governmental leadership. I have a few role models in elected office and I want to share what a couple of them have to say about my reelection.

“Kristine has spent her life working to help children and families — running a small legal aid clinic in New Mexico, providing legal representation to children in foster care in Philadelphia and working as a child abuse investigator in Chester County. Kristine’s re-election is critical to Democratic efforts to flip the Pennsylvania House from red to blue and I encourage you to do all you can do to send her back to the legislature.” — United States Senator Amy Klobuchar

“Kristine Howard is my state representative and quite frankly, I can’t imagine having a better one. Kristine has been recognized as an environmental champion, an able defender of reproductive rights, an advocate of common-sense gun control and a no-nonsense legislator who believes people of good will can work together in a rational way to solve real problems and find common ground. I am proud to be on the ballot with her.” — Member of Congress Chrissy Houlahan

Let’s make history! Vote like your life depends on it.


“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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