PA House Bill 1300, called the “Voting Rights Protection Act” in R doublespeak, would have actually made it harder for Pennsylvanians to vote in the future than in 2020. Fortunately, Governor Wolf vetoed the bill, and now the R’s are directing their anti-voter strategy to the state constitution.

The non-partisan PA League of Women Voters has given its analysis of HB 1300 and its defects in “LWVPA Response to Election Code Bill, HB 1300.” Here are a few salient points:

“Voter access has been the League’s top priority, dating back to the work to win the vote for the women of our commonwealth and country. We believe our form of representative government works best when all citizens can participate fully. We support legislation that makes it easier for all voters to cast their ballot.”…

“Last November, our election workers accomplished a heroic feat in the face of challenging circumstances and inadequate compensation. They administered an election with new laws in place and historic voter participation in the midst of a global pandemic, maintaining a high level of integrity that withstood multiple frivolous lawsuits and all required audits and reviews.”…

HB 1300 “offers small fixes for the most pressing requests from county election officials, but far more of the bill appears designed to address non-existent problems and discourage potential voters.”…

“Twenty states and the District of Columbia now provide same-day voter registration. LWVPA and many other election reform advocates have long asked for same-day voter registration. Moving in the opposite direction is not acceptable.”…

“The bill describes rules … limiting hours the locations would be available and requiring that locations be monitored by two election workers throughout those hours. Those election workers will be authorized to verify the identity of individuals returning ballots and review ballot envelopes. This adds an unnecessary burden and expense to county election officials and limits the value to Pennsylvania voters.”…

“The provisions require one location per 100,000 residents of a county and also require that ballot return locations be evenly distributed throughout a county to ensure equal access by voters. More than half of PA counties have populations under 100,000 residents, so in effect, the requirement is for one location, evenly distributed. This is a nonsensical requirement and of little help in expanding access.”

For analysis of more problems with HB 1300, which we can expect to reappear in other forms, see PALWV.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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