Release from the Sondergaard and Binder campaigns, May 21, 2019

The voters have spoken, and Judges Analisa Sondergaard and Bret Binder have won the Democratic nomination for Chester County Court of Common Pleas. Asked to pick two out of six candidates on the ballot, Democratic voters overwhelming supported both Binder and Sondergaard to represent the party in the general election on November 6th.

Sondergaard and Binder’s judicial experience, previous campaign successes, and reputations in the legal community helped them secure spots on the fall ticket. Both are sitting Magisterial District Judges whose campaigns emphasized their commitment to treating everyone who appears in their courts with respect and empathy while applying their knowledge of the law. Sondergaard and Binder finished first and second out of six candidates on the crowded Democratic ballot respectively. Binder earned over 17,000 votes (32.7%); Sondergaard drew the largest number of votes, with 21,746 (40.2%). In addition, they each received well over 5,000 Republican votes showing their strong bipartisan appeal. Both spent election day greeting voters throughout the county, where turnout was brisk and enthusiastic.

Sondergaard lives in Tredyffrin Township and has served as the Magisterial District Judge for Tredyffrin and East Whiteland Townships for eight years. She started her legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and, as part of the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, she prosecuted defendants charged with physical and sexual assault of children and adults. Prior to taking the bench, she worked for ten years as a litigator in private practice. She currently mentors and trains associates at McDonnell & Associates in all aspects of litigation while contributing to the community, including donating her time each week to Meals on Wheels at Surrey Services for Seniors in Devon. She has earned a reputation for being knowledgeable and compassionate and pushing reforms such as eliminating incarceration for those who can’t afford to pay fines for traffic tickets, accepting community service hours as an alternative for those who are unable to pay court fines, and working with law enforcement to create programs for youthful first-time offenders.  

Binder, an East Bradford resident, is the Magisterial District Judge serving parts of West Chester as well as the townships of East and West Bradford. He has distinguished himself on the bench by being appointed to the Rules Committee of the Special Court Judges Association. He has quickly earned a reputation for a deep passion for the law and treating all parties with respect. His achievements on the bench include moving his court towards cashless bail, performing weddings for all, and also working to eliminate debtor’s prison. Binder is the founder and managing partner of the law firm Binder & Canno, LLC located in West Chester, co-author of Binder on Pennsylvania Evidence, 10th Edition (Pennsylvania Bar Institute), previously served as Director on the Board of the West Chester Area School District, and currently serves on the board of numerous local non-profit organizations including the Chester County Opportunities Industrialization Center (CC-OIC), which focuses on adult literacy and job training.

Both candidates have pledged to continue to fight to improve the judicial system, including their desire to expand mental health and drug court to help people get treatment as part of the rehabilitation process, give all parties an opportunity to be heard fully and treated with respect, and apply the law with knowledge and compassion.

For additional information, please contact:
Jennifer Fenn, Campaign Manager
803 W Market Street, West Chester, PA 1938
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Christian Sondergaard, Jr., Campaign Manager
1435 Anthony Wayne Drive, Wayne, PA 19087
[email protected]

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