CCDC opposes any attempts to disrupt the Constitutionally-mandated process by which Congress counts and approves state-certified votes on January 6.

It is particularly surprising and disappointing that the Chesco Republican party, on its Facebook page, encouraged people to take a free bus to rally in Washington against democracy, law and order, including speakers featuring jury-convicted felon Roger Stone.

This comes at a conflictive time when the D.C. Mayor has called out the National Guard and urged area residents to avoid downtown, and the Proud Boys leader, arriving for the rally, has been arrested on prior property destruction charges and a new firearms charge.

Furthermore, the Chesco Republican posting about the bus and rally makes no mention of social distancing or masking. Are bus riders prepared to take a Covid test or quarantine for 10 days, as required by state law, after returning here? Does the Chesco Republican leader, a medical doctor and former coroner, not support Pennsylvania health mandates? Are Republican leaders prepared to send Chesco residents to a potential superspreader event that could have disastrous results for them and other County residents with whom they later come in contact?

Over sixty courts have struck down Republican attempts to reverse the results of free and fair elections through allegations of fraud, with no evidence. It is shameful that some GOP legislators from Pennsylvania are participating in these sham attacks on the US Constitution and, in Harrisburg, in attempts to deny the result of an already-certified election to the state Senate.

History and voters will remember that Chesco Republicans are not being well served by their leaders.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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