Dear Chester County Democrat:

Next Sunday we’ll be celebrating Labor Day Weekend, the traditional kickoff to the campaign and voting season. It’s always been when candidates begin their pitch in earnest and voters start to learn who is on the ballot. But like everything else in 2020, nothing is following the usual patterns. In fact, I am guessing you have been paying attention to politics more than you ever imagined in the months of July and August!

You are not alone. The DNC and RNC conventions are over. There are now 64 days until Election Day. And according to polls, only a handful of voters are undecided. Can you guess that number?

A national poll conducted just a few days ago (Yahoo News – YouGov) shows that nearly every voter has made up his or her mind about how they intend to vote for President of the United States. The undecided? A mere 8%.

This tells us two things:

• We need to fight really hard for the remaining 8%.

• We need to make sure turnout for those voters likely to support Democratic candidates is extraordinarily high, well above 80%.

We can do this. Everyone can help. Make sure your family, friends and neighbors all have a plan to vote, whether by mail or in person. I personally prefer Vote By Mail. If you do not apply for a mail-in ballot, your only option will be in-person voting on November 3.

If you have (or will today) applied for a mail-in ballot, you have not one, but three options:

• Return your ballot by mail as soon as you receive it.

• Deliver your ballot to a drop box (there will be several located throughout the County)

• Take your mail-in ballot to your polling location on Election Day where it will be “spoiled,” and you will be given the regular ballot for in-person voting.

Give yourself options. If you have not already done so, apply for your mail-in ballot today (go to Voting by mail is easy, safe and secure. The state will even pay for the postage! Who knows what the situation will be on November 3? Let us all be prepared. It’s too critical not to have a plan.

You know that saying, money talks. We at CCDC need to do a lot of talking to our Undecided, Independent, Republican and Democratic neighbors. A donation of $25 or more (click here) will go a long way in getting our message out. Currently, we are texting thousands of Chester County voters at just 12 cents per person. So $25 translates to connecting with 208 people.

As I promised in past notes, we will send you a Biden bumper sticker with each $25+ donation. And you will sleep better at night knowing we are pursuing those 8% who are still undecided! I appreciate all of your help in assuring we have the highest voter turnout we have ever had for a Presidential election.

Thank you for voting. Thank you for your support.

Dick Bingham
Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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