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As a registered Democrat, have you ever considered running for office? We are looking for passionate, committed people for government. We recruit and train the highest caliber candidates and provide logistic support to their campaigns. Now is the time to run. Do you have a Democrat friend, family member, or neighbor who you think would be GREAT for one of the following positions? We look forward to hearing from you.

2019 County Offices Up for Election

County Commissioner

Currently we have only one Democrat Commissioner, Kathi Cozzone. We have never had more than one Democrat at a time. We could have up to TWO Democrats in this position.

  • The three-member Board of Commissioners constitutes the chief governing body of the county.
  • Manages a large and diverse organization whose mission is to provide quality government services in an efficient, cost effective manner.
  • Responsible for policy-making, fiscal management, and the administration of county affairs.
  • Serve on the Salary, Prison, Retirement, and Election Boards as well as a variety of other boards.
  • Appoint members of county authorities, boards and commissions, such as the Solid Waste Authority, the Industrial Development Authority and the Airport Authority.
  • Create and appoint constituency-based groups, such as the 911 Task Force, the Open Space Task Force and the Task Force on Tax Reform.
District Attorney

We have never had a Democrat DA in the history of the county.  This person is the most powerful and influential person in the criminal justice system.

  • Investigate, prosecute, and prevent crimes.
  • The chief law enforcement officer for the county.
  • Uses the most advanced law enforcement investigative techniques, technology, and trial skills to protect and serve the residents of Chester County.
  • Uphold and defend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Constitution of the USA.

We have never had a Democrat Prothonotary in the history of the county.

  • Handles the civil side of the county courts administration, as well as passports.
  • The legal custodian of all civil instruments filed with the Court of Common Pleas, in accordance with the laws of civil procedure of the Commonwealth and the Chester County Rules of Court.
  • Maintain accurate indices and dockets, providing security for the documents, and making them available to the public.
Recorder of Deeds

We have never had a Democrat Recorder of Deeds in the history of the county.

  • Responsible for the public repository of real estate records, military discharges, commissions and official documents.
  • Interface between taxpayers, real estate professionals, and county government.
Register of Wills

We have never had a Democrat Register of Wills in the history of the county.

  • Probates wills and appoints estate representatives for decedents who die with or without a will.
  • Serves as an agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for filing and payment of inheritance taxes.

We have never had a Democrat Sheriff in the history of the county.

  • The chief law enforcement officer in the county.
  • Authority to appoint deputies, which are necessary in order to properly transact the business of his/her office.
  • While a sheriff’s primary responsibilities are to the courts, the sheriff retains all arrest powers he/she had at common investigation of crime.
  • He/she has the authority to enforce the criminal laws as well as the vehicle laws of Pennsylvania.

Not ready to run for a County-wide office?

There are many local offices within your own precinct that need you. Contact your local zone today!

Consider running in 2019 for one of the following:
  • School Director/School Board
  • Township Supervisor
  • Borough Council
  • Mayor
  • Tax Collector
  • Auditor


"No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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