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As a registered Democrat, have you ever considered running for office? We are looking for passionate, committed people for government. We recruit and train the highest caliber candidates and provide logistic support to their campaigns. Now is the time to run. Do you have a Democrat friend, family member, or neighbor who you think would be GREAT for one of the following positions? We look forward to hearing from you.

Which US, State, and County Offices Are Up for Election This Year?

See here.

Do you prefer to run at the local level?

There are many local offices within your own area, municipality or precinct that need you. Contact your local zone today!

“We must march to demand the unqualified right to register and vote—we must march to demand the opportunity for decent jobs—we must march for the right to improve our wages and living standards.” — Bayard Rustin, born in West Chester, March 17, 1912

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