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As one of the Biden administration’s early actions, in January Obama-era planning resumed for Underground Railroad hero Harriet Tubman to figure on the front a new $20 bill.

The design pictured here was ready to go in 2016, but former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin found “technical reasons” that prevented a black woman leader to freedom from taking over top billing on the $20 bill from a slave-holding president who forcibly removed native Americans from their historic tribal territories. (It seems that Jackson could still occupy a lesser place on the back of the bill.)

Those “technical reasons” that delayed Tubman from being the first African-American and first woman to be on a US bill were voted out of office in November.


“We must march to demand the unqualified right to register and vote—we must march to demand the opportunity for decent jobs—we must march for the right to improve our wages and living standards.” — Bayard Rustin, born in West Chester, March 17, 1912

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