FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [photo: current 156th PA House representative Carolyn Comitta and 2020 general election candidate Dianne Herrin]


Candidates for State Rep & 2 for State Senator Eager To Engage Chesco Voters
Now That 156th State Representative Candidate Finalized

West Chester, PA (June 23, 2020) – Democratic Committeepersons and party leaders in the 156th State Representative district met tonight to select the replacement for Representative Carolyn Comitta who won both the District 19th State Senate race and 156th State Representative race earlier this month. West Chester Mayor Dianne Herrin bested a field of five candidates. With her win the Chester County Democratic slate is complete with Presidential candidate Joe Biden heading the November ticket.

The full slate includes Josh Shapiro for Attorney General, Nina Ahmad for Auditor General, Joe Torsella for State Treasurer and Chrissy Houlahan for U.S. Congress followed by Carolyn Comitta and John Kane for the county’s two State Senate seats.

All State Representatives who took office in 2019 easily won their primary bids. They are (in alphabetical order) Kristine Howard, Danielle Friel Otten, Christina Sappey, Melissa Shusterman and Dan Williams with newcomers Paul Friel, Anton Andrew and Rich Ruggieri, winning by 72%, 84% and 99% respectively from their districts.

“In once Republican-leaning Chester County, almost 72,000 people voted in the Democratic presidential primary,” wrote Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jonathan Tamari in his June 18 election wrap up story, “a 20% increase from 2016. Republican turnout was down 43%, or 33,000 votes.”

“We were very pleased with the turnout,” added Dick Bingham, Chester County Democratic Committee Chairman, where Democrats accounted for almost 75% of mail-in votes. “I am sure the enthusiasm will continue to grow all summer. We had a clean sweep of every county race in 2019. We expect a repeat with our smart, talented slate on November 3.”

Chester County’s 2020 Democratic slate includes:

President of the United States: Joseph R. Biden
6th Congressional District: Chrissy Houlahan
PA Attorney General: Josh Shapiro
PA Treasurer: Joe Torsella
PA Auditor General: Nina Ahmad
9th District PA Senate: John Kane
19th District PA Senate: Carolyn Comitta
13th District PA Representative: Richard Ruggieri
26th District PA Representative: Paul Friel
74th District PA Representative: Dan Williams
155th District PA Representative: Danielle Friel Otten
156th District PA Representative: Dianne Herrin
157th District PA Representative: Melissa Shusterman
158th District PA Representative: Christina Sappey
160th District PA Representative: Anton Andrew
167th District PA Representative: Kristine Howard

The General Election is Tuesday, November 3. For up-to-date information on the candidates and ways residents can get involved, visit the Candidates page at


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