September 2021

The Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) welcomes you to Election Season 2021. We offer this newsletter to bring you items of interest from your local Democrats. As always, thank you for your support, whether as a committeeperson, volunteer, supporter or especially as a voter. You helped turn Chester County BLUE, and now get to see how DEMOCRATS DELIVER!

Vote by Mail (VBM)


  • Democrats: 21,166 requests (16.9% of registered)
  • Republicans: 8,362 requests (5.6%)
  • Independents/Others: 4,674 (6.9%)

That’s a trend we would like to continue – and grow since it is easily the most convenient way to vote. VBM is truly a game-changer – no longer do voters need to worry about finding time to vote in their already busy lives, going in person to the polls, or standing in line during a health crisis. Simply have friends, family, and those you canvass (and you) sign up for a mail ballot at It’s safe, secure, and easy. When your ballot arrives in October, fill it out – all the way down, sign and date it as instructed, seal it in the inner secrecy envelope provided, and mail it in time to arrive before Election Day or drop in one of many convenient official election drop boxes.


The CDC is reporting the incidence of pediatric Covid cases is rising. Since children under age 12 cannot yet be vaccinated, the best protection for their (and our) safety is that everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated, and that others should wear a mask in public. According to the Chester County Health Department, in the past 30 days, 340 Chester County children under the age of 10 have tested positive for the virus.

The recent Biden Administration vaccination requirements for larger companies and government workers will help with Covid mitigation. The Chester County Democratic Committee also continues to urge everyone to follow the latest CDC recommendations and wear a mask when indoors in a public setting. Wearing a mask protects those around you and is the responsible action to take. Please wear a mask when visiting our West Chester headquarters and when gathering inside for upcoming political meetings and events. The September 24 Chester County Covid reporting shows a rolling weekly status of “High”. Despite this, it should be noted that Chester County’s Covid incidence rate is significantly lower and vaccination rate is significantly higher than nearly every other PA county – a credit to our County Health Department and Commissioners for this progress!

CCDC Hosts “Senate Spotlight Soirée” Fall fundraiser – September 19, 2021 at The Desmond Hotel in Malvern

For one special evening this month, Chester County hosted all four of the declared Democrats for US Senate to replace the retiring Pat Toomey in 2022. Also joining the event was our own US Rep. Chrissy Houlahan. Read about it all here (Delaware Valley Journal). It’s still early for the mid-terms and our focus is still on 2021, but for one night CC Dems got to hear what having two Democratic US Senators would sound like (and we love it.)




Pictured: Val Arkoosh, Malcolm Kenyatta, Conor Lamb, John Fetterman (photos courtesy of Jim Salvas)

Your ‘One Thing’ this month

Help a local campaign: Walk doors with a candidate or campaign canvasser. Volunteer to make phone calls, text, or send postcards. Encourage your friends to register Democratic and sign up to Vote by Mail (VBM) to make sure they elect Democrats – because Democrats Deliver!

Many campaigns are actively canvassing and making calls and texts. Consider using to find and volunteer locally. Call the office at 610-692-5811 to volunteer or see the CCDC Calendar for details of canvassing events.

Sign up for phone banking from your home! Simply sign on to the process here.

Meet our 2021 Field Director James Duffey

James Duffey is a seasoned field organizer from the 2020 Biden campaign in Pennsylvania and has lived in Chester and Delaware counties his whole life. He’s looking forward to organizing volunteers to knock doors and talk to supporters across the county to win the 2021 elections. If you’re able to volunteer, please email him at [email protected].


Since ending 150 years of Republican domination in Chester County, together with charges, in some cases, of political patronage, no-show row officers, inaction, poor service, and wasteful spending, we’ve seen a fresh change in local government. Democrats have delivered on their promises to have government become more responsive, cut waste, and more effectively serve our citizens. That’s a trend that everyone should want to see continued, and a theme for this November’s election. We need to elect current Chief Deputy Coroner Sophia Garcia-Jackson as Coroner, and re-elect Patricia Maisano as County Treasurer, Margaret Reif as Controller, and Yolanda Van de Krol as Clerk of Courts. Read about them here.

Become a Monthly Donor

Now that Chester County Democrats have won a majority of elections and thus set the bar higher than ever before, we need your help. Through True Blue Society Membership a small monthly donation will be used to grow our social media reach, mail candidate information and sample ballots to voters, and continue to build our party infrastructure to sustain Democratic values here in Chester County. If you would like to make a greater contribution to keeping Chester County ‘Blue’, please consider becoming a member of the Chair’s Club (which will get you free admission to major party fundraisers and special invitation events).

CCDC Academy

We continually hear of the need for how-to support for candidates, committeepersons, and volunteers, and CCDC has answered with the ‘soft launch’ of a training series of 17 courses in CCDC Academy to assist these roles with guidance and best practices. See your CCDC Zone Leader or call the office at (610) 692-5811 for more information.

Important Election Dates

Oct 5 – Recommended last day to mail in your Mail in Ballot Application. You may go in person up until Oct 26th.

Oct 18 – Last day to Register to Vote or change your address.

Oct 19 – Recommended LAST DAY to mail back your completed ballot.

Oct 26 – Official LAST DAY to apply for a Mail in Ballot (a new application must be made every year)

Nov 2nd, 8:00 PM – Deadline for all Mail-in Ballots to arrive at Chester County Voter Services. There will be a Drop-Box located at the Government Services Building at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19380, which will accept ballots until 8 PM. Other Drop-Box locations will be announced closer to the election.

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