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Chester County Democrats – Ready to Run the Mid-terms
May 19, 2022

While not all votes are in from the May 17 primaries, Democrats should be feeling good, but certainly not complacent, in Chester County. We should feel good that we have slates at all levels going into November that will give voters clear positions on issues. We have candidates that won’t run just on attacks, or just on what they don’t like, but on what they plan to do for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians and by extension, all the nation.

And they won’t run with debts to be paid to extremists, “big lie” supporters and those who no longer believe in the freedoms that are the very heart and soul of our nation. Democrats will be voting for compassion, for restoring the very basis of our democracy and providing hope for the millions of Americans desperately in need of help and encouragement.

But the coming months will be no time for complacency. While not all votes have been counted, as of this writing, Republicans had a slight edge in turnout with 1.3 million votes cast statewide to Democrats 1.2 million. That is not surprising given the bitter contesting of the Republican gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races. In Chester County those figures were similar, with Republicans at 57,451 and Democrats at 58,751.

It is imperative that every Democrat commit to driving turnout for November. The Republicans have chosen Doug Mastriano as their gubernatorial candidate. He is among the most far-right candidates in the nation – a participant in the Jan. 6 insurrection and an opponent of free and fair elections. If elected, he will control our elections. If he has a Republican legislature – think Texas. Is this what we want for our state? NO! And, no matter who the final Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is, he will be beholden to a far-right agenda and funding.

The key to Democratic success this fall will be spreading accurate information about what our party and its candidates stand for and getting every voter we can reach – Democrats, fed-up Independents and disillusioned Republicans – to cast ballots for our candidates. It starts now!

Here are our candidates for November (* = incumbents):

  • Governor- Josh Shapiro
  • Lt. Governor- Austin Davis
  • US Senate- John Fetterman
  • US Congress, 6th District- Chrissy Houlahan*
  • PA Senate, 44th District- Katie Muth*
  • PA House, 26th District- Paul Friel
  • PA House, 74th District- Dan Williams*
  • PA House, 155th District- Daniel Friel Otten*
  • PA House, 156th District- Chris Pielli
  • PA House, 157th District- Melissa Shusterman*
  • PA House, 158th District- Christina Sappey*
  • PA House, 160th District- Cathy Spahr
  • PA House, 167th District- Kristine Howard*
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