By Michael P. Rellahan, Daily Local News, Apr 28, 2019. [About the map of registrations 12 years ago (thankfully not today!), which is not in the Daily Local, see below.]

WEST CHESTER — Chester County Democrats continue to chip away at the county’s Republican Party’s edge in voter registration, although the GOP still maintains a five-figure lead over the Democrats, according to figures released by the county Office of Voters Services.

As of April 22, the final day to register for the May 21 primary election, there were 148,638 registered Republican, versus 138,261 registered Democrats. There were also 61,296 voters registered either as independents or as members of the Green or Libertarian or other parties.

The figures mean that 42.6 percent of the county’s voters are Republicans, versus 39.7 percent Democrats and 17.6 percent others.

Although the percentages have changed little since the November 2018 election, the gap between the two parties closed by almost 900 voters from then until now — 877 to be exact — showing a continuing trend of voters favoring the Democrats. The gap between the two parties is now 10,377 voters.

“This period of time has been very favorable to us,” said Dick Bingham, the chairman of the Chester County Democratic Committee. “The trend has certainly been favorable to us, and the rates seem to be increasing. Everything is pointing to us becoming the majority party in Chester County sooner rather than later.”…

Keep reading at Daily Local News For a comparison to 12 years ago, see the accompanying map of Dem registrations in Chester County as of May, 2007. Dem registration then was 20% behind R registration, which at 51.5% was over half of all registered voters. Now at 42.6%, R registrations have sunk by about 9% of the total in the last 12 years and Dem registrations have risen by over 8%. Dem registrations surged during the 2008 presidential campaign, thanks to Barack Obama’s popularity, and then again in the past three years following on another exciting presidential primary season and Hillary Clinton’s massive 25,000-vote Chesco victory in the 2016 presidential election.

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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