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CCDC Newsletter September 2022
Sep 30, 2022

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    • Candidate Spotlight:  Cathy Spahr, PA House District 160
    • Voting Rights are on the Ballot this November
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Now is not the time to be complacent about the chances for Democrats to retain the U.S. Senate, and even possibly the House of Representatives, in the November mid-term election.

But, it is time to celebrate the reality of what Democrats in Congress, and President Joe Biden, have accomplished. And, it’s imperative we each tell the story of that reality every chance we get.

We’ve talked before about the Inflation Reduction Act and how, over time, it will strengthen the economy, add jobs, protect the environment and yes, reduce inflation though that problem remains a global one. We also have noted that not one single Republican voted for the measure, nor have Republicans proposed one piece of legislation to deal with any of the issues addressed by the IRA.

Something that needs to be talked of more is the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022. This act incentivized U.S. production of computer chips and other science-related products, including electric car batteries. It passed with the help of some Republicans but the majority voted against this act. What were they thinking? Has any group howled more about the evil of China than Republicans? Yet, a majority voted against an act that would bring manufacturing of critical products back to the U.S., adding to our national security and minimizing supply chain issues such as we saw during COVID.

As we look around we also can see gas prices coming down daily as the international situation, refinery capacity and the supply chain improve. President Biden’s orders to free up U.S. reserves definitely helped motorists while those supply and flow issues were worked out.

These are the stories we need to be telling America. Democrats are doing what a responsible political party does. It listens to the people, hears their pains and fears and then introduces and passes meaningful legislation to make lives better.

Tell the story.


The Danger of MAGA

I am involved in Democratic politics because I fundamentally believe that our party has infinitely better ideas, policies, and values compared to the Republicans. Until now, the difference between the candidates I worked to elect and their Republican opponents was their views on the issues. Sure, there have always been dirty politics and some truly frightening Republican politicians and strategists (Rick Santorum, Karl Rove), but even most of those tactics seemed to have the goal of influencing policy and the issues.

Now, for the first time in my life, we are battling a movement that has no ideology, values, or, it seems, morals, other than blindly following their self-anointed leader, Donald Trump. They spread lies and conspiracy theories that promote violence and encourage hate. This is not hyperbole – we saw the result of this dangerous rhetoric on January 6th. Yet somehow, despite what we all watched unfold on live TV, these inflammatory tactics continue.

President Joe Biden came to Pennsylvania earlier this month to warn the nation of this new domestic threat. Many on the right reflexively attacked him for criticizing fellow Americans, rather than trying to “bring the country together,” but for those flying “Let’s Go Brandon” flags or proudly displaying massive “Trump” signs two years after he was historically defeated, what could be said to win them over?

Rather, the iconic oath that every American public servant takes (ironically other than the President) clearly lays out the duty to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” When a group of people, and not just the fringes, but its leaders, storm the US Capitol, continue to sow doubt in our democracy, call for political violence and even civil war, and demand elections be overturned, I argue that NOT calling out this danger would be the violation of the oath of office.

As President Biden said in his remarks, not every Republican falls into this group of extremists– perhaps not even a majority of Republicans do. But he noted that today’s Republicans are driven and intimidated by this wing, and that is a threat to our country.

The reality is the only thing extreme or unprecedented about President Biden’s remarks was that he had to make them at all. That we are at a point where a sitting President needs to warn against political violence and urge people to stop threatening volunteer poll workers, election officials and even law enforcement officials is what is truly unbelievable.

But it is now up to each and every one of us to heed President Biden’s call to protect our nation. Not with violence or lies, but by embracing the truth, working hard, getting every single person possible engaged in the political process and by VOTING!

The experiment that is our American Democracy is at risk, but it is still alive. And as hard as it may sometimes be for us to see here, we are still an inspiration for people in the darkest corners of the world. Let’s keep that light shining and elect leaders who share our values and are committed to freedom and democracy.

In Unity,


SPOTLIGHT: Cathy Spahr, PA House District 160

Cathy Spahr is running for state representative in the PA House 160th district. She is currently the Senior Planner and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Lead for Delaware County, giving Cathy the experience required to understand how the intersection of federal, state and local government impacts individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania.  Cathy is a graduate of Emerge PA, an in-depth training program that inspires Democratic women to run for office. Cathy has the vision for a brighter future, the determination to make it happen, and the grit to persevere in the face of challenges. She is a former Chair of the Upper Chichester Dems, and is currently a committeeperson in Bethel Township.

Cathy is focused on supporting more responsible legislation in the areas of  women’s rights, climate unpredictability, common sense gun laws, and the fair treatment of immigrants.

Learn more and join her campaign at


Led by insurrectionist Doug Mastriano and his campaign for governor, Republican legislators intend to do the following:

  • Purge voter rolls and require ALL Pennsylvania voters to re-register – this disadvantages minorities and the poor without a drivers license or internet access
  • Repeal Vote by Mail – this has enabled thousands of working people and those with family commitments to cast their votes
  • Appoint a 2020 election denier to Secretary of State, allowing him to “decertify election machines”
  • Allow armed partisans from other counties to intimidate voters at the polls
  • Make changes to decrease powers of the PA Supreme Court, the arbiter for election challenges.

The current Republican-led General Assembly has drafted and pushed legislation following this lead. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has fortunately been able to hold off these un-democratic extreme measures that can lead to authoritarianism where elections don’t matter. We need to elect a Governor Josh Shapiro to continue these efforts, and a Democratic General Assembly to continue to enable citizens to vote conveniently.


Democrats are needed to volunteer on Election Day to sit inside precinct polling stations as certified poll watchers, and also to observe the processing and counting of completed ballots.

This is an important role, so please consider donating a few hours or a half day to this activity. Contact the CCDC office at [email protected] or call 610-692-5811 to sign up.

Poll watcher certificates issued by Voter Services will be issued to those volunteering for this effort; you cannot simply volunteer on Election Day.



October 10      CCDC Fall fundraiser, featuring John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro, and Chrissy Houlahan (RSVP here)

October 24      Last day to register to vote

October 25      Drop Box Locations open – after this date, do not mail your ballot since it may not arrive in time top be counted

November 1    Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot (although it is unlikely you would receive it in sufficient time to return it)

November 8    General Election Day (make a plan today to vote)

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