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Let’s make history!

Let’s make history!

      by Kristine Howard (PA House, D-167) As a state representative I don’t see my voters as just constituents. I see them as friends, neighbors and members of the community I love and where I raised my children.  I have been honored to represent you...
Danielle’s Closing Argument (PA House 155)

Danielle’s Closing Argument (PA House 155)

Supporting Danielle Means Fighting corporate greed – Danielle is working on legislation to stop the abuse of corporate power by making it a crime for companies to knowingly make false statements to Pennsylvania regulatory officials. Restoring power to the people...

Emergency Absentee Ballot

If you qualify, you can request and return an emergency absentee ballot, through the end of voting hours on election day. There are 2 forms to fill out, the Emergency Application form and the Authorized Representative form (below). You will need to indicate which of...


“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.” -- Sen. John Lewis, posthumous editorial

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