Dear Chester County Democratic Voter,

The old-timey expression “23 skidoo” seems apropos today as we count down to a mere 23 days until November 3. Both skidoo and the full phrase 23 skidoo mean to “go away”, “beat it”, “scram” or suggest that the person addressed should get out while the going’s good.

The good news, if there is any in this crazy hair-on-fire news cycle, is that many of us have voted! And those that submitted their mail-in ballot are getting an email like this:

“Your ballot has been received by CHESTER County on 10/10/2020. Your ballot status has been updated to reflect your official ballot has been received timely and recorded.”

Remember to share on social media our hashtag #iVotedTodayInPA. Many of your neighbors are still nervous about voting ahead of the actual election day. Calm them with your posts and conversations. Voting By Mail is safe. Each of us gets a personalized confirmation from Voter Services. What could be more convenient than that?

When should you no longer feel comfortable mailing your ballot via the neighborhood post office? Our collective thinking is next week, October 20. That’s a full two weeks before the polls open. Remember that PA state election rules now accept ballots up until November 6 as long as ballots have the November 3 postmark.

We’ve got Plan B and Plan C! Use the drop boxes stationed all around the county. Or visit an on-the-spot satellite Voter Services office. Or – go directly to the main Voter Services Office in West Chester. When all else fails, go to the polls. We are staffing every precinct with poll greeters outside and poll watchers who will sit inside. We are amazed at the outpouring of Democratic volunteers who will be “working” the polls on November 3. Safety in numbers, right?

I have two reminders for your calendar this month:

The West Chester Branch of the NAACP, the League of Women Voters of Chester County, and West Chester University will host a virtual election forum on Thursday, October 15th and Friday, October 16th, from 6:30-8:30 each evening. The forums will feature one or 2 candidates for each of the Harrisburg and Washington DC seats that will be on the ballot in the West Chester area:

Thursday:  PA House 156, 158, and 160 and US House PA 06
Friday:       PA House 74 and 167 and PA Senate 9 and 19

The forums are free to the public, and will be moderated by Dr. Lisa Croft (representing NAACP West Chester) and Dr. Pam Gray (representing the League of Women Voters of Chester County).

To participate, please register here. You will have a chance to ask candidates a question there. You will receive an email confirmation 3 days prior to the event with the Zoom link you will use to attend. Or livestream on West Chester NAACP’s Facebook page.

Monday, October 19, is the last day to REGISTER to vote. Hard to believe but there may be a few stragglers out there. Encourage anyone you know who is turning 18 soon to click on this link.

As Bette Davis famously said on the big screen, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.” As we anticipate November 3 and 4 and 5, let’s make sure WE did everything we could to Get The Vote Out in Chester County. With that in mind I have a goal of raising $1000 a day until Election Day to pay all our anticipated expenses — and leave a little something as we kick off the start of the 2021 election season, only weeks away!

Donate online here. If you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to “CCDC” and send it to our headquarters at 37 S. High Street, West Chester, PA 19382.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with a little levity thanks to the many artists posting on social media:


Thank you for all you do. Stay safe this week.

Dick Bingham
CCDC Chair

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.”

-- Sen. John Lewis

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