Overview of 2021 races

Please  click HERE for full info in one page on registering, voting and Dem candidates in fall 2021.

Good advice from Easttown Dems

Don’t skip voting this year because because you don’t think this year’s election is important. Odd-year election results shape your daily life. The individuals elected to every single office in 2021 will have an impact on your family’s well-being and the policies that govern the township, school board, county, and state. For example:

  • Tax assessments (which may exceed your federal taxes)
  • Attention to climate change & sustainability in strategic planning
  • Condition of our streets and sewers; lack of sidewalks and bicycle trails
  • Capacity to attract new businesses and new residents
  • Criminal justice from streets to courts to prisons to fresh starts
  • Schools’ physical, social, and health environment
  • Integrity of election districting maps

What are specimen and sample ballots?

A specimen ballot is a copy of the official ballot without any recommendations. Click here to download current specimen ballots for all precincts.  By contrast, a sample ballot is any replica or reduced version of the official specimen ballot annotated to make recommendations to voters.

Positions you vote for on the 2021 ballot

The following countywide and judicial offices are on the 2021 ballot and have candidate info on this site:

Chesco Court of Common Pleas (2 open seats; see candidates here)

County Row Offices (4 of 9 seats; see candidates here)

Magisterial District Judge (1/3 of seats in the County plus any vacancies; see candidates here; see all 18 Chesco districts here).

These other seats will be up for election in 2021 (see relevant zones’ web sites and/or social media for candidate info; contact the zone leader through that page if you don’t find what you need). We also give links to a few  zones’ candidates pages here.

School Board Directors (1/2 of seats on each board; see all 14 districts partly or wholly in Chesco here)
Municipal Supervisor or Mayor and Borough Council (1/2 or 1/3 of seats)
Some other local officials such as Township Auditors, Tax Collectors, Judges of Elections, and Constables.

If you wish to receive a list of specific non-countywide seats open and current office-holders in your districts, contact your local Dem zone leadership.

What about state legislative districts?

Those will be on the ballot in 2022. See the list of municipalities contained in each PA Senate and House district here. Find all PA legislators representing Chesco municipalities here.

Thinking of running? How does the process of running for office work?

If you’d like to fill out a form to request CCDC training and support, see here.

• Consult others, decide if you would like to run and for which office, start to gather support, set up social media.

• Form an advisory team.

• Start gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot (but not before the first permitted day, usually in mid-February).

• Ask for CCDC endorsement at the Nomination Convention, usually in February. Winning that endorsement is useful, but CCDC helps all candidates to get their names before the public.

• If CCDC does not make an endorsement for that office, then you can ask zone committees for endorsement.

• The winners of the primary election in May (April in presidential years) become the party’s candidates for the general election.

• Then come six months of campaigning to win in November. Of course, our candidates get lots of support from the party and the grassroots.

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