Dem candidates for state and US offices are shown on our 2020 Candidates page.

For the text of the 4 constitutional amendments on the ballot, see here.

Download all sample ballots from Chesco Voter Services. a few weeks before each election.

You can see the list of municipalities contained in each PA Senate and House district here.

The 2020 ballot includes Dem candidates for these offices:

<< Representative in Congress, PA-06

Senator in the General Assembly, districts 9 and 19 (n.b. district 9 is entirely in Chester County; the other 3 districts are shared with neighboring counties; 2 are up for election every even year) >>





<< Representative, PA House districts 13, 26, 74, 155, 156, 157, 158, 160, 167 (n.b. 4 of the 9 districts include parts of other counties; all are up for election every even year.

PA Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer (4-year terms) > >

CCDC does not endorse for:

• President and Vice-President of the US
• Delegates to the Democratic National Convention (see more on that election process here)

How does the process of running for office work?

  • Consult others, choose what to run for, start to gather support, set up social media.
  • Form an advisory team.
  • Start gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot (but not before February 19th)
  • Ask for CCDC endorsement at the Nomination Convention, usually in February. Winning that endorsement is helpful, but CCDC helps all candidates to get their names before the public.
  • If CCDC does not endorse any candidate for that office, then you can ask zone committees for endorsement.
  • The winners of the primary election in May (April in presidential years) become the party’s candidates for the general election.
  • Then come six months of campaigning to win in November. Of course, our candidates get lots of support from the party and the grassroots.


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