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Social media policy with regard to elections

The CCDC Candidates page posts information about Democratic candidates for countywide, statewide and national office, including office sought, name of candidate, bio of about 150 words, headshot photo, and links to candidates’ web sites and other media. For municipal and school board candidates, please refer to the relevant zones.

The CCDC candidates page indicates which candidates are incumbents and also, when applicable, CCDC and PA Dem endorsements. Candidates will be listed under the office sought in this order of preference: primary election winners, CCDC-endorsed candidates, incumbents, and other candidates in good standing.

This site and CCDC’s Facebook page will also post a reasonable number of candidates’ press releases and media articles about them, except that in the interest of fairness we will not post items about primary campaigns between an incumbent and one or more challengers.

The CCDC calendar will post relevant election-related events (including purpose, place, date and time) furnished by CCDC, zones, public service organizations, and Dem candidates in good standing. Before a primary election, such calendar entries will indicate whether there are other Dem candidates for that office and will link to the Candidates page for more info.

Primary winners become CCDC’s endorsed candidates in the general election and only they will remain on the Candidates page.

Posting presidential candidates’ information will depend on the number of candidates and proximity to elections, except that their Chesco events will be included on the calendar at any time.

In primary election season, CCDC does not permit candidates to use its proprietary images—that is, its logo and photographs of its headquarters—except for 1) between the CCDC nominating convention and the primary election: candidates endorsed by CCDC; 2) between a primary election and that year’s general election: winners of the Democratic primary. Elected officials are welcome to use those images except, after January 1, in any postings or materials relevant to their own reelection or campaign for another position. 2020 dates: CCDC logo and HQ image may be used from January 1 until February 13 by no one (incumbents or others) running for office this year; from February 14 to June 2 only by CCDC-endorsed candidates; and June 3 to November 3 only by primary election winners. These restrictions do not apply to any other party-associated images, such as the letter D surrounded by a circle.

This page was last updated on 4/10/20 and is subject to revision.

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